Heart disease is one of the most executioner one where many people are becoming prone to this kind of dreadful syndrome. But you can easily put an end to this by cutting down fatty foodstuffs and developing a healthy lifestyle. Below are some useful tips that would help keeping heart risks at bay for a healthier life.

Go Green

Fresh vegetables have always been a boon to us on this planet earth which includes good amount of fibers and other sources of glutamine acid which helps in keeping the blood pressure at lower levels. Vegetables are free of fats, calories, cholesterol which are the main causes of heart related diseases. With the intake of fresh green leafy vegetables in your diet which provides you iron, minerals and vitamins, you can have a healthy heart

Reducing the consumption of oil

It is next to impossible to cut down oil completely but you can use them in coking in moderation. Oils are the main cause which risks the level of heart diseases in people aged 30 and above that has higher amount of calories and other dreadful factors which bring harm to the heart. Fish oil that contains omega 3 fatty acids helps in decreasing the cases of heart attacks. Recent studies also show that omega 3 fatty acids had 30 percent less risk of heart diseases.

Quit the stick

If you are a regular smoker who cannot kick the butt then you might as well know that you are damaging your heart. The more you smoke; the more are the chances of your heart getting prone to heart diseases which even may bring out the worst in you. Once you quit smoking then you are assured a healthy heart for a lifetime.

Trim down

If your are overweight and tend to eat more then as often then you should better start taking precautions as you are at the edge of endangering your heart. Maintaining a healthy weight is the most fundamental supply for a healthy heart. You can simply do some cardiovascular exercises like cycling, walking down the lane every morning or a 30 minutes brisk walk, skipping etc are the most effective and convenient ways for a stronger heart. Yoga also helps in controlling obesity and other unhealthful dietary habits that cause heart diseases and heart attacks.

Sorts of exercises

ü  Cardiovascular or aerobics: A balanced physical activity with big muscle sets help in strengthening the heart and lungs amid the improvement of body’s capacity for using oxygen. Aerobics helps in flexing the muscles and reduce the heart rate and easy breathing.

ü  Stretching: Stretching your arms and legs before and after exercising help in organizing the muscles for movements that avoids unnecessary muscle strain and injury. Doing this on a regular basis amplifies more flexibility and level of motions.