Rheumatisms are nothing but the severe pain that affects the joints and muscles. Here are some home remedies to get rid from the problems of Rheumatisms.

Rheumatisms are the severe condition that affects the ligaments, muscles and joints.  The main root cause of this problem is yet unknown but it gets worsen due to the over exposure of cold and water.  Commonly, elderly people and the middle aged one are more likely to get affected with this disease of Rheumatisms. The common causes of Rheumatisms are Genetic factors, Infections and Hormonal imbalance.  Not only this, physical stressful work, wet climatic condition, imbalance in the acid alkaline or poisoning of blood also cause Rheumatisms

What are the home remedies to treat Rheumatisms?

  • Juice of raw potato is the effectual home remedy to treat the problem of Rheumatisms.  All you need to do is intake one to two table spoon of this juice daily before the consumption of the meals.
  • Celery is also one of the excellent medicines to treat the problems of rheumatisms.  The fluid that is extracted from the celery seeds acts as a treatment for rheumatisms. They are proved out to be more effective then the raw vegetables.
  • Remove the juice of one orange and add one tea spoon of cod liver to it.  Beat them nicely for some time and intake it daily prior going to bed at night.
  • Take a small glass of warm water and add two tea spoons of honey and cider vinegar into it. Whip them properly and drink them twice a day.
  • Another effectual home remedy for treating rheumatisms is to rub the mixture of methyl salicylate, menthol, camphor and eucalyptus gently on the area near the pain.
  • Take Pint of Luke warm water and mix three table spoons of Epsom salt and three lemons into it.   Consume this mixture daily at night and early in the morning.
  • Consume the diet that includes vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. These nutrients improves the fast heal of the rheumatisms.
  • Take a glass and add one quarter of cranberry juice and four table spoons of blackstrap molasses into it. Mix them thoroughly and drink them every day for the quicker cure of rheumatisms.
  • Make a mixture of three oz. chloroform, twelve oz. of rubbing alcohol and one oz. of wintergreen.  Run this mixture softly on the affected area and see the result yourself in some days.
  • Extract the fresh juice of carrot and lemon in the equal quantity and mix them. consume these mixture every day, it works great on treating the problem of rheumatisms.

If the problem do not get under control within certain period of time it would be convenient to consult the doctor.