Fever blisters or cold sores are petite red blisters which more or less takes place on the lips and on the exterior edges of the mouth.

They more often than not show off a visible fluid and form coatings subsequent to a few days. These are triggered by herpes virus, which becomes vigorous when something causes them. There is no treatment for cold sores but there are therapies, which will help in diminishing the harshness and occurrence. These look after colds, contact with sun, fever and pressure at any stage in menstruation.

Foods which contain chocolate and other nuts seeds, peas, oatmeal and whole wheat products must be done away or reduced from your daily diet. Cold sore paves the way by tingling, blazing or itching feeling, sickness and swelling of lymph nodes near to the sores and a usual sense of malaise.

When you feel the tingling, blazing or itching feeling, gently rub the juice of aloe Vera on the area which is affected.  This particular method is really efficient. Aloe will start the healing process quickly and won’t permit the sore to build up henceforth.

Below listed are few methods to get cured with fever blisters.

Tea bag

One good remedy to deal with fever blisters is by placing a warm blister on the affected area for about four to five minutes every hour so that the blister, which takes place, will lessen down its growth or from developing further. You can even place a warm tea bag on the cold sores and leave it for a few minutes to half an hour to do away with it.

Baking Soda

Make use of baking powder soda and apply directly to the fever blister so that it heals quickly. Just simply make a fine paste of baking soda and water. Baking soda forms an alkaline base, which is where the herpes germ cannot find a place to carry on in an alkaline ambience. You can even apply a paste of cornstarch to the affected area.


Herbs such as burdock, Calendula and Echinacea merged together in equal parts with oats can give away good release for a cold sore. When combining these herbs all together with oats, take a half tablespoon of it five times a day to soothe the blazed area, do away with pollutants and kill the herpes germs.


Honey carries antiviral and antibiotic properties. This can be used as a nice home therapy for cold sores by applying it straight away to the sore.

Herbal Teas

Prepare tea with sage and ginger by adding leaves of sage in it. Steep it in warm water and drink at least three cups of it daily to help get rid of and treat fever blisters.


Aromatherapy essential oils are good for being treated from fever blisters.  Other essential oils to try for are tea tree, rose, lemon balm and bergamot.

Vaseline too helps to humidify and make supple the blisters to do away with bleeding and cracking.