Silagra therapy with the help of Sildenafil citrate does wonders in the life of an impotent man and save him from the embarrassment caused due to erection problems in the society as well as in his personal and professional life.

Silagra  product is acquired in three dosage strength such as 25mg, 50mg  and 100mg tablets, the standard dose of Silagra pill is 100mg tablets that provides with  the best outcomes.  Silagra pill should be used by men experiencing erection problems and if a man suffering from erection problems has a previous medical history that includes certain chronic illnesses such as kidney failure, liver condition, heart related illnesses, cardiac arrest and many such critical wellness problems should not use this product directly but they can use this product after consulting the doctor as direct use of this therapy may cause to some negative results. Thus it has been suggested by the doctor to use this product with proper care and precautions in order to get the best outcomes and avoid other critical adverse reactions.

As a man gets hardons he eventually gets the lost confidence and the self esteem which is the extraordinary outcomes of Silagra pill at low price. Therefore by reducing its features this medication facilitates our system to protect itself against the possibilities of incident of erection problems. This medicament also works to acquire the victim’s penile tissues with prosperous blood flow to be able to provide them needed energy to obtain the suitable shape and format.

Silagra therapy should be used a time before lovemaking  as the elements in this therapy gets enough time to get dissolved in the blood stream and start working in the problem area  and provide with wanted outcomes. Silagra if absorbed a time before lovemaking provides with durable hardness that are sustained for four hours after the product is wholly absorbed without breaking, crushing or chewing the product.  This product comes with a product from that has to be swallowed with water and not other alcoholic as well as other beverages that contains nitrates should  not be used  as the reaction of the chemicals in Silagra and the nitrates may cause to critical results on  wellness.

How Silagra did come into being?

The invention of this low price generic therapy took place due to the increase in men experiencing e the sex-related complication of erection problems which is also known as as erection problems and also known as as powerlessness in males. Earlier there were  only labeled drugs acquired in the market for treating erection problems  and also there were a few more treatments for erection problems such as surgeries and radiotherapy which were costly men of every financial category top afford therefore medications were invented but even they were costly, thus there was a need of a low price therapy that could cure erection problems with identical safety and above all with the same outcomes that could be acquired from  a labeled therapy. Thus the manufacturers felt the need for a normal product at a low price known as generic viagra.