In the search of the best ED medications, one of the best oral medications invented to treat impotency or erectile dysfunction is Silagra.

Many males are not able to achieve stiffness during their lovemaking episodes, which can be a great disappointment and shame. The reason for not achieving stiffness could be due to lack of insufficient blood supply to the penile areas. If you are looking for the most effective and revolutionary treatment to counter the effect of erectile dysfunction, then trust and use Silagra.

Tips for a great lovemaking episode

The graph of people suffering from impotency has reduced with the introduction of several erectile dysfunction medications. Before the use of any medication, it is always advisable to know certain aspects about it. The very first aspect that you should know about this medication is that it should be only used by males suffering from impotency. Secondly, males suffering from impotency should consume this medication when they are active for love making activity.

Sildenafil citrate is a popular medication of erectile dysfunction

One of the most popular generic form of Viagra is this medication. Sildenafil citrate is the key ingredient in Viagra as well as its generic form. When impotent males consume this medication and lively liquid part of this medication dissolves in the blood stream, then the miracles starts. Hence, males suffering from erectile dysfunction should no longer feel embarrassed and guilty about their situation, as this medication has all the power to solve your problems.

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You may easily avail this medication not only in various dosages, but in different assorted flavors as well. This is a very beneficial aspect of this medication, as males can choose the flavor according to their taste. There is no specific age for males to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. This condition can affect any males at any given point of their life. Hence, erectile dysfunction medication such as Silagra will not only help you in enjoying the love making days, but aid you in achieving erections for longer duration of time.

Understanding Silagra

These days, there are numerous medications differing in taste and dosage and are sold in the market under the name of generic Viagra. Silagra is available in number of flavors and three dosages. As there are number of variations regarding the dosage pattern, one can choose the dosage as per the complication of erection.


The standard dosage of this medication is 100mg. The most advantageous part of this dose is that this is not only the standard dose but, it has the potential of working effectively to all males. Some of the basic variants of this medication are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. All males consuming this medication have to be alert regarding the dosage of this medication and consume just one tablet in twenty four duration period to show its results.

Most ED medications carry certain side effects. This medication too has few side effects such as slight irritation in the stomach, headache, fatigue, nausea and sleeplessness. Make sure you take the approval from the doctor prior to using this medication. If you discus your medical condition with the doctor, then you can avoid any harm to your body.