Silagra is the oral pill that falls under the category of generic medicines that provide with complete effectiveness for a longer time frame, this generic pill is safe and effective.

Silagra is the finest pill to combat erectile dysfunction in men as this generic pill has the same properties like the branded medication Viagra. Silagra as the name suggests is the generic version of Viagra the brand medicine and has the same ingredients in the same quantity like the Viagra branded pill also the effectives and the safety of the medication is the same. Thus these two medications are the exact copy of the branded pill Viagra but what makes these medication different from each other is the cost price of the pills, the branded medication Viagra is high is cost as compared to the Silagra medicine. Silagra is the inexpensive generic version of Viagra and thus this medicine is been recommended by the doctors for the perfect solution towards erectile dysfunction the sexual complication in men also called as male impotence.

Silagra medicine used Sildenafil citrate as the chemical component that inhibits the PDE5 enzymes during sexual intercourse and thus makes proper and enough space of the enough blood to reach the male organ and supports the loose erections to get into hard erections for a longer period. Silagra medicine is the effective pill for treating erectile dysfunction as this complication ED destroys the entire love making session of a person and allows them to get hard erections whenever they are indulged in sexual intercourse this is done by the aid of the chemical component Sildenafil citrate that allows the loose erections to be hard erections.

Silagra medicine is a 100mg pill that is used by men only that are affected by erectile dysfunction and this medication is used for ED only and should not be used by women or small kids as it may cause harmful side effects . Silagra pill is ought to be used an hour before love making with the lady and this generic medicine is well effective on every man. Silagra medicines provide with erections that last for four hours after consumption.  This Silagra pill can be obtained from the local drugstores and the most recommended place to use this medication is from online drugstores that provide the medicine at the most inexpensive price which is comparatively less than the market value of the medicine.

So take on medical recommended dose strength that will add in you the required sexual acts. Complete your acts with one pill of Silagra, which consist of 100mg in dose.