Unlike men, even women’s faces dilemma and annoying conditions while having lovemaking act. This article focuses on some of the common sexual issues that a woman has to undergo while having an intercourse with her partner.

A sexual dysfunction refers to a trouble or difficulty that couple experiences during any phase of the sexual act that pull them down leaving behind that sexual pleasure and satisfaction from the sexual intercourse. The sexual is also called as the sexual response cycle that generally has four main phases that includes excitement, plateau then orgasm and at last resolved.

In the health report, it was suggested that about 31 % of men and 43 % of women shows some or the other degrees of sexual difficulty. However, they hesitate and feel shy to discuss this matter. Luckily, most cases of sexual dysfunction can be treated, thus, it is vital to share your concern and complexities with the doctor and your partner as well.

Here are some common problems that a woman faces due to sexual dysfunction.        

Lack of orgasm (anorgasmia).

This is a condition where the organism i.e. sexual climax is completely absent. This cause of this bothering problem can be a woman’s sexual embarrassment, inexperience, lack of proper knowledge. The causes can also contribute some of the psychological aspects such as anxiety, guilt, or a past sexual disturbance or abuse. Certain medications, inadequate stimulation, and unceasing diseases can also be the striving reason behind anorgasmia.

Inhibited sexual desire.

This is a condition in which a woman shows lack of interest or desire to commence sexual intercourse. There are several factors that can put into inhibited sexual desire that includes stress, medical conditions, pregnancy, hormonal changes, depression, fatigue and other treatments for chemotherapy and cancer. Lifestyle factors like daily working schedule or taking care of little ones can also lead to lack of sexual desire.

Furthermore, boredom or dullness with regular sexual practice also may add to a lack of keenness of having a sexual act.

Painful intercourse.

This is the major problem that most of the women go through while having the act. Throbbing during the sexual act can be caused due to several issues including a pelvic mass, vaginitis, endometriosis, poor lubrication, ovarian cysts, a sexually transmitted disease (STD), or the occurrence of scar tissue after surgical procedure.

A situation called vaginismus is a sore, spontaneous seizure of the muscles that enclose the vaginal entrance. It may take place in women who panic that penetration will be aching and also may stop from a sexual fear or from an earlier upsetting or hurtful experience.

Inability to become aroused.

Often inadequate vaginal lubrication is what makes a woman unable to get physically aroused for the act.  This other reason for this may be insufficient stimulation or at times anxiety too. Adding to this, researchers are examining how the problems of blood flow are affecting the vagina and how can clitoris contribute to lack of sexual arousal?