Health has much to do with the mental well-being – even more than physical wellbeing. This is because by ageing, one loses physical capability to live or perform like what he used to do at a young age.

By staying young mentally, one can prevent age from affecting the system, thereby weakening one down from inside of the heart. Similar is the case with love relationships. The same tends to fade away with the passage of time.

One of the secrets of staying healthy mentally and enjoy a relationship is to constantly go for innovative ways to deal with the same. This will help in keeping up the interest level on the higher side, thereby not letting the freshness die out. A few of the tips for senior citizens to get back the enjoyment of love life are:

  • Focussing on the aspects most enjoyed – One must try to remember and re-do things he/she cherished the most during the long tenure of their love relationship. This will help to keep oneself rejuvenated continuously, thereby keep the mood for enjoyment intact.
  • Be expressive – One must have the courage to express the heartfelt feelings. Keeping the same supressed will only add to the sorrow and frustration. These will be appreciated and entertained by the partner as EQ remains on a higher side in aged persons who are thus, in a position to understand and acknowledge the sentiments.
  • Accepting the things that are facts – One of the hard-core facts in relationships is that no two persons are cent present alike in terms of attitude, perception, mental preferences etc. We have a control regarding this at a young age, but due to ageing, as EQ increases, one might get hurt by certain issues from the partners’ side, which may not seem acceptable. However, one has to understand that facts are facts and one cannot change the same by dint of emotional outburst. Rather if one can reconcile himself/herself with the facts and live a normal life, the negative thoughts will gradually disappear and one can regain the positive frame of mind, necessary for getting back the joys of life.
  • Being prepared to combat the challenges – This is a bit tough at young ages when one loses control over the IQ. However, one must give a wholehearted try. When challenges seem too big to handle, ignoring/procrastinating them often appears easier. But running away from the problem is not the solution. Rather, facing the same with courage helps one to be strong.

Thus, old age is a very delicate phase of life, witnessing high Emotional Quotient. The same can deprive one of rational thoughts, eventually hampering the relationship. One has to make himself/herself realize that the present situation is nothing but destined upon and over which one does not have any control. Rather, reconciling to the same and keeping up the spirit will pave the way to a healthy old age relationship.