Air travelling is the best for the pregnant lady to roam across the country or the women with no complications in pregnancy.

Everyone loves travelling, but for the pregnant women air, travelling is the safest and the beats way to travel across the country, or to visit friend before you get busy after having a baby. You are healthy women with no complication in maternal period then flying is no harm at all. You have to take some of the safety measures and comfort buy taking the help of your doctor. So that that air travel will be enjoyable and safe for you without any complications.

You talk to your doctor even if you are healthy women. Here are some dos and don’ts for the pregnant women while flying.

When to Fly

36 week is the best way to fly during pregnancy because this is the middle period of your pregnancy and no such risk. This is the time where there are the less chances of miscarriage; morning sickness is usually lesser down or has diminished. At this time you weight gain has not actually peaked up and lowers the risk of premature labor.

If you’re travelling plans are supple, then try to travel in second trimester. Your doctor will strictly restrict travelling if you have diabetes, hereditary blood clot problem, or high blood pressure then you might be at the risk of preterm labor.

Potential Complications

Its doubtful that flying can cause certain types of complication sin your pregnancy, but there is always a risk in flying while you are pregnant. Sitting for a long time in a same position can risk of causing blood clot. The lower level of oxygen in airplane cabin can worsen your health related problems. However, in some cases it won’t affect a lot if you are a healthy pregnant women. It’s very risky if you travel often as you get exposed with the radiation. Well this problems won’t disrupt you if you fly sporadically.

Necessary Preparations

Before you take off in airplane, you must make sure that there should be nearby hospitals or doctors in your destination city, it will help you a lot if in case you seek some urgent help after you land. Take some recommendation from your doctor if you have already searched a qualified doctor in your destination city. If you have completed seven months of pregnancy, then visit to your doctor and take some of the necessary advices or permission to travel. Ask the airhostess to accommodate your sit that is nearby the passage way so that you can move in the passage way in the mid flight and can reduce the risk of complication.

On the Plane

The longer is your destination of the city the more uncomfortable you are and experience cramped while accommodating in a small seat. You must wear loose cloths and avoid wearing tight jeans instead wear a maternity clothes that is more comfortable while travelling. Ties up the sit belt under your abdomen rather than tying it on your belly