Are you feeling low on stamina for the lovemaking act? Or do you feel that you are not able to perform in bed? Know how to increase the sexual drive

Sexual drive can be affected because of many reasons. The causes can be very simple and mild while at other times, it can be quite harmful. Most of them result because of some diseases or stress on the body and mind. You may sometimes even feel surprised that why you are not being able to feel excited. At other moments, you may just blame your partner.

It is therefore very important that you get a check up on your body done. At least this will help to identify the real cause for it. Rather than believing on some rumors, it is better to concentrate on knowing the scientific cause.

Causes of a low sexual drive

If you feel low on libido or lose interest in lovemaking, your physical and mental state may be the culprit. Stress at work and love life is one of the major causes these days. Besides this, fear of a relationship or hesitation in the performance on the bed can lead to this. A taunt or a bad comment to the person in the sexual act can lead to distress and the individual may not want to get involved again for a long time.

Illnesses like urinal tract infection, allergies, cardiovascular diseases and even low or high blood pressure can restrict the libido. Physical disability or mental issues can also result in this. Erectile dysfunction in men and looseness of the vagina can also discourage men and women respectively to engage in pleasurable moments. Masturbation can increase as well as decrease the sexual drive.

Compulsive behavior of self stimulation can create problems in people’s life. It may even make you feel more pleasure in fulfillment with oneself rather with your partner. You may even be suffering from some tissues, muscle and bone structure problem in the pelvic area. This may even cause more issues and also lead to lowering of the sexual drive.

Increasing sexual drive

There are ways to deal with this ill effect. You can follow a healthy diet and counter the low sexual drive. Spices and certain herbs help in increasing the libido. You can even meditate and undertake some yoga exercises to calm your mind and clear the mind and body stress. Relaxing the muscles with simple exercises can also work wonders.

Almond milk is also a good source for this. Warm water bath may help in enhancing the blood circulation in the body. The blood flow should the proper to the penile or vaginal blood vessels. This helps in arousal and compliments the sexual drive. Taking some time off and spending those moments with your partner can also encourage you to feel more inclined towards lovemaking.

Weight issues can actually interfere with lovemaking and also lower the sexual drive. You have to keep an eye on what you eat to get rid of the excess weight. You will feel the difference and also help you in increasing the libido.