If you want to maintain a healthy body, then it is better to intake small meals at regular intervals and relishes a carefree feel throughout the day by keeping diseases at bay

You may complain about not having enough time to consume food at regular intervals and consume it in large amounts all together. This quenches your hunger but can have some ill effects. Out body is a system that eases the digestion due to many factors. Like you may like uncomplicated things, so does the digestive system.

Disturbance of digestive activity

This includes eating small meals at spaced out intervals. Even if you intake 5 to 6 meals daily rather than the heavy 3 to 4 meals per day, it will be effective in the body. The intestine breaks down the food and churns it well so that it can digest the particles well. It makes use of the digestive juices and work simply in processing the food into waste and useful nutrients.

Consuming large amounts of food together can make the digestion process to prolong, as it takes more time to break down the food. This makes the digestive juices to difficult to mingle with the particles and work on. Moreover, it makes you feel lethargic and also tired. It can also lead to vomiting, if you cross the threshold.

Dysentery and other gastric problems can also be due to overeating or consuming heavy meals. Another reason for stomach upset is not having food on time and shifting from the regular schedule drastically every time. This disrupts the functioning of the body and can lead to severe abdominal pain sometimes.

Advantages of smaller meals at proper intervals

Smaller meals help the body to adjust to the stress outside and inside the system. The digestive juices find it easier to break the particles and provide energy to the whole body at proper intervals. It will make you feel energetic and keep you up for any physical and mental task. It is also important that you have a balanced diet, so that you can have a fit body throughout your life.

You will feel the lightness in the body that will help you to take on any physically demanding activity whenever it is necessary. When you are hungry, have food then. Do not stuff yourself with food just because it is your lunch time. But it is also significant to follow a diet plan and maintain a schedule. This will make your body look prim and proper.

How to draw a diet plan for regular meals?

You can consult a dietician or draw a diet plan for yourself. Include enough proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients in your diet. If you are allergic to any food item, avoid it. Make sure you have a gap of at least 2 to 3 hours between every meal.

You may have a heavier breakfast that is rich in nutrients so that it sustains you for the long hours ahead. Do not have a heavy dinner meal, as before sleeping the digestive system slows down.