Wounds like cuts and oozing pus bruises may pain and invite infections and other conditions. You should take proper steps to counter this

While playing or any other hectic activity, you may get a cut or scratch. This may bleed, but may not take too much notice of it. But you should not take such wounds mildly. It may lead to infection that will make the matters worse. If the injury is too deep, the tissues and muscles may get damaged. You should undergo proper treatment for this. If not a major wound, you can try some simple steps to tend to them at home.

Wash the cut

If you have got a cut on your hand or any other place, you should wash it. Clean water will help. Do not treat it with warm water otherwise, it may burn. Cold water will be better. If there is, any debris stuck into the cut, wash it out nicely, and clean the wound. You may utilize a tidy cloth piece, preferably of cotton, to wipe the blood.

Antiseptic solution

After washing the cut, sanitize the affected area with an antiseptic solution. This will deal with the invisible germs. Do not use any cream or solution without the direction of a doctor. You can keep a first aid box at home. This can contain bandage, crepe cloth, scissors, antiseptic creams, and sanitizing solution. Soft cotton roll to still the blood is also essential.

Stop the flowing blood from the cut

Take a piece from cotton roll and press it firmly on the cut. Cotton helps in absorbing blood and the pressure on the wound will stop the excess blood flow. Keep the position the same way for some time. Release it slowly after a few minutes and clean the part again. If fresh blood still comes up, wrap the area with cotton and tie a bandage over it.

Dealing with dizziness and pain

Due to too much of blood spill, one may feel dizzy. In worse cases, the person can become unconscious. Give the individual warm water or juice to drink. Even warm milk can help. If the pain is too much, be near the person and give them emotional support. Keep talking to them and take the situation in your control. Provide a pillow for them to rest their head and back. Make them sit in a place and soothe them by being polite.

Maintain hygiene

In the haste of stilling the blood spill and cleaning the wound, do not use a dirty patch, cloth, or bandage that is not washed or used. This can bring in more problems and also make the cut infectious. If you neglect the wound for long, it can become gangrenous. Parasites and other pests may affect it. Your body can react adversely. You may get a fever and also feel uncomfortable.

Call the doctor

Once you have tended to the wound, call the doctor. These steps are to contain the blood and take care of the incident till a professional help arrives. Proper medication is necessary to keep you away from infections and other issues when it concerns wounds. It is therefore advisable that you visit a physician immediately if you are injured.