In the article below given, we have come up with some vital details about Labia Cysts associated with the ways for treating them.

A cyst is a pouch or q pocket of tissue that may have a biological fluid or simply air in it. It is a covered sac that is positioned on either side opening of vagina. Generally, these cysts are painless and often the consequent of physical shock such as surgery or laceration. However, these labia cysts might enclose different underlying causes too.

Usually, labia cysts are smaller in size that cannot be noticed by naked eyes. But in very cases, it may even enlarge to the size of an orange.  Most of these cysts do not cause any complexities but must be diagnosed by the gynecologist regularly. Depending on the occurrence and location of cysts, some feel extremely uncomfortable while inserting a tampon or while having sexual intercourse.

In general cases the labia cysts are not so painful and throbbing but the severe cysts like Bartholin’s cysts can cause a painful and uncomfortable situation for women. Possible cause of pain occurs due to the infection in the cysts that triggers by different sorts of bacteria. When this type of infected cyst forms a sore, or a pus-filled bump, it can be very aching and needs instant medical attention.

However, these cysts do not prove to be harmful frequently except a kind of discomforts that hits some women. But in very rare cases, there are even chances for these cysts to grow into tumor.  Thus, it must be checked regularly.  When these cysts become extremely severe and problematic, the only option left is surgery.

Surgery is believed as a last way out and is required only when the cysts set up to cause unbearable signs or if tumor is alleged. In seldom situations this surgery can cause problems, while the complications arise depending on the right spot of the cysts.

Also, if the cyst is smaller in size, it doesn’t seem to trigger any such troubles, it requires no such cure beyond the medical routine checkup.  Below mentioned are some curing tips for treating different sorts of labia cysts.

  • For healing the mild discomfort from labia cyst, you can have a try by sitting in a bath tub with the warm water filled in it. Go through this same procedure three or four times a day for best results.
  • If infection is the main cause behind your labia cysts, then it is better to approach a doctor as he will prescribe you suitable antibiotics.
  • In the case of large fluid-filled labia cyst, your general practitioner or gynecologist will advise you to insert catheter, a small tube to drain the cysts.  This catheter is inserted in the vagina for about four to six weeks, until the cyst clears out.
  • Further alternative way is to have a small surgery, in which a cut is made in the sore or cyst to drain the fluid.