Precocious puberty leads to an early development of body parts in girls and boys which can be stressful to their lives.

Puberty is when a girl and boy attain a fulfillment of their body parts according to the normal stage of growth. Generally in girl, puberty begins with the enlargement of breasts and the onset of menstrual cycle. There can be also appearances of acne and the development of female body odor. There is pubic underarm hair growth found in both boys and girls and also in the private parts.

Acne and mature body odor development is found in both sexes at puberty. Both boys and girls face a growth in their height. In boys you can also see growth of facial hair and deepening in voice along with enlargement of penis and testicles. All this happens for the boys after the age of 9 whereas in girls, puberty may occur after the age of 7 to 8.

In Precocious puberty, a girl or a boy attains the mainstream development of body parts earlier than the stated age and may face some physical and emotional problems. Sometimes children may suffer from partial Precocious puberty in which there might be development of just one function or an organ but not the whole reversal of the puberty cycle.

Girls may develop the enlargement of breast at an early age in this condition of partial Precocious puberty and it may persist or stop after certain age. Similarly the boys might attain development of underarm hairs and facial hair at an early age in this disorder. But if this disorder is totally into being then the problems might occur in the growth of height because the child will grow shorter due to the end of puberty at an early age than the required one. The skeletal muscles face a bending of progression in this disorder.

It is the dysfunction of hypothalamus part of the brain which actually is responsible to control the functions of pituitary gland which stresses on sex hormones. This disorder may also be caused due to meningitis or a brain injury at an early age. It can also be caused due to issues in the functioning of the thyroid gland that is responsible for puberty. The treatment includes the use of medications to reverse the process of the early attainment of puberty so that the stage development adheres to the normal functioning of the body.