Penegra leads an impotent man to a better life when they are stimulated in bed. This generic medicine works exactly like the branded pill Viagra and provides with more effective results.

Penegra is an oral supplement that has to be used by men that are affected by erectile dysfunction or male impotence. Penegra pill is a generic medicine that works only on erectile dysfunction and does not work on its own, in order to get hard erections, men suffering from this sexual complication has to be sexually activated so that the medication works faster and also due to the fact that this medication is not an aphrodisiac.

Penegra medication is the generic pill of the branded counterpart Viagra which is the first ever medicine in the field of anti ED medicine and has created a landmark in the industry of medications for treating erectile dysfunction. Penegra medicine is the low cost version of the branded pill Viagra as there are several men who cannot afford to buy the branded medication due to its high cost. Thus a generic version of Viagra was invented so that men of every economic class can afford o buy this pill and take the pleasures of a better and satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Sildenafil citrate is the active chemical element used in this generic pill as this chemical is used in all the generic version of the branded medicine Viagra as Sildenafil was the first ever chemical used in Viagra fir treating erectile dysfunction in men.  Erectile dysfunction in men is caused due to the less flow of blood the male organ when they need o get erections this lack of blood to the male reproductive organ leads to lose erections that are not satisfactory for sexual intercourse.

Sildenafil citrate functions to operate on the lack of blood flow and increases the amount of blood to the male reproductive organ so that the male organ can achieve hard erections whenever they are imitated with their partner and are needed with hard erections. Penegra medicine comes on dosage strength of 100 mg pills tart has to be consumed orally with the aid of water and no other alcoholic drinks should be used with his medication as it may lead to some other fatal side effects on the overall health of the individual.  This medication provides impotent men with hard erections that are sustained until climax and this medicine is effective only when it is consumed an hour before love making.