With some researches and tests, it has been noticed that clove oil effectively manages scabies. Have a look below to know the advantages of clove oil for treating scabies.

Scabies is recognized by itchy and irritating rashes on the skin that aggravates at night. This condition affects approx 400 million people all over the world. However, scabies is characterized by the existence of mites that breed below the surface of skin.

Predictable cure regime comprises the use of relevant acaricides named permethrin. But because of the extensive use of this premethrin, the mites of scabies are growing the resistance to this relevant acaricides. Conversely, experts recommend the use of clove oil for treating the mites of scabies as it is linked with lower chances of resistance

Scabies or sarcoptic mange triggers due to mite names sarcoptes scabiei that breed below the surface of skin. This hits allergic reaction that causes severe itching that lasts for quite number of days. However this condition of itching aggravates often at night. Repetitive scratching of skin enlarges the hazards of bacterial infections.

However, some studies have found that clove oil may be helpful in managing scabies and other sorts of skin problems.  This article provides detail info on how to use clove oil for treating scabies and also the advantages of using clove oil for managing these itchy rashes.

Below given are some easy ways on how to use clove oil for managing and treating scabies:-

  • Make a mixture by adding some types of carrier oil like wheat germ oil or almond oil with essential clove oil and apply it directly on the rashes. However, applying undiluted clove oil on the skin directly may lead to severe itching or burning sensation.
  • Similarly, apply clove oil at night on the skin surfaces that are severely prone to itching. This may include armpits, webs of hands etc.
  • Mild massage on the surface of skin after applying oil can also prove beneficial. This in turn will allow the oil to infiltrate deeper into the skin and eradicate the mites.
  • On the other hand, add some drops of clove oil into your warm bath water tub and have a shower with it.  Though this method may not be as efficient as local application of this essential oil it may help you in reaching those areas that are not easy to access for daily application.

Medicinal aids of Clove Oil for itchy Scabies:-

Clove oil aids a host of benefits for treating the rashes that occurs due to scabies.  Moreover, the mites of scabies have less possibility to develop or resist on the skin.  The essentials of clove oil penetrate into the layers of skin and kill them within the span of 15 minutes. Unlike permethrin mites that actually acts when mites emerge of the burrow during night. Ultimately, clove oil is extremely safer for use in kids, compare with permethrin that is linked with the hazards of poisoning.