Malegra FXT is one pill for two different syndromes that is of erectile one that make men incapable for sexual acts but exactly oppositely it is treated by pill.

Malegra FXT is one oral therapy that dissolves two different erectile syndromes, which is truly new in the means of erectile treatments. As no other medicine, at present can treat two syndromes that of erectile one.

In these days, the most recent sexual trouble is the erectile dysfunction or impotency, which is the most common sexual trouble. Another one is premature ejaculation, which does not allow men to complete sexual acts. This is the main cause for not letting to complete or attain erection for sexual intercourse satisfactions. That’s why the relative treatment which is easy, simple and trouble free among men who suffer from this dual erectile or sexual complications. The pill named as Malegra FXT is the only one pill, which after consuming can treat ED along with PE, which named as erectile dysfunction as ED and premature ejaculation as PE.

Malegra FXT is the different in case of treating but it is also different in its active elements. Thus, Malegra FXT consists of dual active element, which is the best among respective syndrome treatments. Malegra FXT consist of Sildenafil Citrate which is common for ED treatments which just after dissolving break down the work of PDE5 enzyme which grows in rapid speed and makes clogging into the arteries and blood vessels. Hence, after, it diminishes the clogging to allow a great amount of blood flow to the male reproductive organ for better capability of erection.

Another one, active element named as Fluoxetine which is the just like an anti-depressant medicine which work on psychological levels like in SSRI’s which is the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors which after inhibiting lowers the premature ejaculation process for getting extensive time in sexual acts practices.

Apart from this, Malegra FXT is different in its dosage pattern which is different due to the active elements which is Sildenafil Citrate of 100mg and Fluoxetine of 60mg, it means Malegra FXT consist of 160mg dose which is the standard dose recommended from doctor. Malegra FXT is the pill, which needs to swallow completely with the help of water, which dissolve quickly to react fast on both the sexual trouble i.e. ED and PE. This medicine needs to taken before 1-3 hours of sexual acts so that it reacts properly on both the syndrome, which results for around 5-6 hours where men can definitely have any sorts of desired sexual satisfactions in those given time.