Know more about the health hazard causes due to nose piercing and other health problems.

Piercing on body has proved to be the most fashion statement in today’s world. Piercing is more found in the youngsters at certain part of body. The most common areas of piercing are nose, eyebrows, belly piercing etc.

Piercing in the nose is most common and varies from country to country as a fashion statement. Some pierce at the septum of the nose, some pierce at the cartilage that divides the nostril. Due to all this reasons, the piercing in the nose can occur a high risk of infection if untreated may lead to many other problems. Even at some places, it has become one of the traditional, which is been honored at timely occasions. One must always choose for the trained professional and avoid nose piercing at home it may cause another bacterial infection.

What are the symptoms of nose piercing?

Any cuts on your skin causes infection. The various symptoms of the nose piercing include the change in the color of the skin that is around pierced area. The piercing can also cause inflammation, redness of the skin around your nose, pus can appear, pains more than normal, foul smelling from the emission of pus.

What kind of infection can occur?

Every kind of piercing may lead to a great infection and takes a long time to be healed. Staphylococcal is a kinds of organism that usually live in your nose when you go for nose piercing and are more infectious. If the infection has more spread in cartilage of nose then, cartilage become misshapen, then the person has to opt for reconstructive surgery. If are pierced by the unsterilized needle you are more prone to the transmission of various king of infections of diseases such a HIV, HPV and Tetanus. Therefore, it is very necessary for the one to go with the piercing professionals as they always use the disposable needles or sterilized needle, which reduces the risk of infection. One should never opt for the gun piercing, as it is very dangerous due to the impure and unsterilized equipment.

How the scarring occurs?

The form of keloid scar may appear due to piercing. If a person wanted to remove the piercing from their body or nose, he will likely to leave scars on the removal of the pierced area. Scar tissue are most commonly found when the area of the cartilage is pierced is a part where the two nostrils get divided.