Stretch marks are more likely to appear on many people but the stretch mark that appears on the bodybuilder is obvious.

Stretch marks on the person can appear purple streaks, pink and reddish in color. The most common area where the stretch marks appear can be buttocks, upper arms, thighs and abdominal area. Keeping the good elasticity of the skin with natural moisturizer, shun faster weight gain and eating healthy and balanced food are the major factors to prevent from stretch marks.

The appearance of stretch marks on bodybuilder is more common. The problem arises because they add extra mass in their body in a minor. It is a difficult process to fully remove stretch marks from the body. Here are some treatments that might help to remove the appearance of the stretch marks from your body.

Topical Solutions

Tropical solutions like balms, oil, cream and butter. This entire product makes your skin smooth and glowing. These products do not totally remove the stretch marks as it only infiltrates the outer surface of the skin. Tretinoin cream is the only cream that has a positive result in removing stretch marks from the skin. The application of tretinoin to the skin helps to produce collagen. Collagen is the important agents that keep up the strength of the skin and elasticity. The regular use of tretinoin can fade the stretch mark. This cream is popularly used to fade the darker skin from the body.


Excimer is the type of laser treatment that used to remove stretch marks. This treatment is used to remove marks that are faded. This treatment is used in the area where there is stretch mark. Melanin is the effective chemical that helps to give color to the skin. With this treatment the melanin in the skin, gets stimulated and get back its natural skin color.

Elastin Production

Pulsed dye treatment is very useful to remove new or old stretch marks on the body. It is said by the skin institute that, this treatment is more likely to remove the appearance of the stretch marks. With the help of laser rays, it aids to increase the collagens in the skin and thus the skin that promotes the chemical known as elastin. This treatment then repairs the marks in the dermis and slowly slowly, the stretch mark gets lighter.


The useful treatments known as Microdermabrasion used to remove stretch marks also used to remove wrinkles from the skin. The technique uses small equipment that is seized near your skin and the small crystals of aluminum dioxide are darned on the stretch marks. With the help of suction machine, the crystals of aluminum of dioxide and dead skin are trash out. This creates the growth of the new skin and makes the stretch marks lightly.

Fractional Photothermolysis

Fractional Photothermolysis is a treatment that is used to treat various skin problems. This treatment is very different from pulsed dye laser treatments that cause little harm to the stretch marks. Fractional Photothermolysis therapy helps to reduce those stretch marks and develops the growth of collagen that helps to promote color to the skin and heal it very quickly.