Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder which causes the tissues that connect the structures of the body to get weak

There are lots of issues that can be caused due to Marfan syndrome. In this the connective tissues that is responsible for the strengthening of various structures in our body to get affected. This can lead to serious problems in the cardiovascular and skeletal system as well as the skin and the eye.

People affected by Marfan syndrome are abnormally large as in the height and have long fingers that are thin. Even the limbs can be very thin and long in this condition. There is a gene FBN1 which is the real encoder of the fibrillin connective protein and had as a dominant trait.

Generally as this is inherited from the dominant trait, the person who gets the affected FBN1 gene suffers from this syndrome. There is a relative to fibrillin proteins and that is transforming growth factor beta. Even this gets affected and the excess of the other protein in heart, lungs and aorta are responsible for the weakening of the strong tissues that connect the organs inside.

Marfan syndrome can range in severity and the most dangerous of the problems is when this affects the valves of the heart and aorta. It may create issues in the eye, heart, lungs, hard palate, skeleton and the spinal cord. The early symptoms may include dislocated lenses, long limbs, dilation of aortic root.

Other symptoms include the appearance of funnel and pigeon chest, flat feet, too much of flexed joints, disabilities in learning, hypotonia and the face are narrow and thin. Even the jaws are much smaller than normal growth in humans. The spine can also curve at one of the sides. There is crowding of teeth due to the high arch of the palate.

Some test regarding collapse of lungs, heart valves problem and aneurysm can detect Marfan syndrome. Other tests for eyes may have the tests that pertain to the defects in the cornea or the lens and the detachment of the retina. FBN1 tests for mutation can also be carried out.

Some of the treatments to lower the problems caused by Marfan syndrome may require early detection of the eye problems caused and monitoring of the heart rate and treatment to cure those complications by the designated drugs. Some medicines to prevent endocarditis, which is a dental issue, can be also done. Some patients may need surgical interventions to resolve the problems related to aortic root.