Premature ejaculations and erectile dysfunction can be dually curbed down with dual formulations oral pill Malegra FXT

Malegra FXT works extremely best over the dual problem of men. These dual complications are sexual conditions known as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculations respectively. It not just improves this dual sexual complication in men, Malegra FXT brings the perfect romance back in men. Erectile dysfunction is sexual problem that makes men difficulty in having one erection even when sexually aroused and premature ejaculation is condition was men have it hard in sustaining their erections till the reach of actual climax. Thus dual complications require dual solution and with dual solution can lead to further dual problems. This is because one pill might curb ED but can worsen the other complication PE. Hence, Malegra FXT is proven to act the best oral treatment for men suffering with this dual complication ED and PE. The medication is actually the best generic treatment that can act best over men with ED and PE.

Malegra FXT contains dual active ingredients known as Sildenafil Citrate and Fluoxetine respectively. Sildenafil Citrate works best over ED in men because it was the first chemical to get approval from FDA in the treatment of ED in men. Hence, it’s been widely seen in many branded medication. This makes the medication most efficient and established one in ED treatment. Fluoxetine belongs to class of anti-depressant chemicals that lowers the cause of premature ejaculations in men. Hence with Malegra FXT one is able to get back their erectile process easily and have improved sexual life with their partner. But the medication does not just brings the benefits on its own, the user consuming Malegra FXT requires to get sexually stimulated to get best and better benefits from the pill. This is because; the pill only brings temporary solution over the sexual complications ED and PE respectively.

Malegra FXT is a prescription oral pill that requires a prior consent from doctors and health expert before the consumption of the pill. This is because the pill contains certain chemical that can be allergy to the person. Also, the dosage of Malegra FXT can get varied depending upon the intensity of the complication. Thus, one can get best and correct dosage of Malegra FXT by having proper recommendation from the doctor. The medication of Malegra FXT requires to be ingesting orally quarter and hour before going to sexual act. The pill gives the best result within 20 minutes after consumption and stays long within men for five hours.