Malegra DXT tablet has both the substance elements that get demolished in the blood and makes it possible for men to get best

Most of you must have heard about the side-effect in men or a sex-related side-effect in men known as erection problems or erection problems, as it is the most commonly knowledgeable sex-related challenges in a person’s life.

In the same way there is one more sex-related side-effect that affected the strong factor in a man known as early ejaculation.  These two sex-related side-effects when impacts a man has been the primary purpose for ruining several relationships as a man being affected by erection problems cannot achieve as well as maintain difficult erections and a man being affected by early ejaculation cannot maintain ejaculation process until ejaculation and thus outcomes in a discouraging lovemaking.

This sex-related problems can be handled together with the consumption of just one tablet of Malegra DXT medicine which is easily acquired in the market at an affordable price range and also that this medicine  has two substance elements such as Sildenafil citrate that  is important for the erection problems as this substance element  is used in several other medicine meant for the erection problems and  the other substance element used in this medicine is  Duloxetine that is important for the early ejaculation in men.

The two substance elements are used in different dose strength in this medicine such as Sildenafil citrate is used in a dose of 100mg and Duloxetine is used in a dose power of 60mg per tablet. This medicine of Malegra DXT comes in a tablet type that has to be used by men only and should not be used by women r children as this medicine may lead to various adverse reactions that may vary from being light to severe in nature

Thus the following article will give information on erection problems and early ejaculation in men and how it can be handled with Malegra DXT medicine.

Erectile malfunction side-effect can be handled with the help of Sildenafil citrate in this medicine as Sildenafil citrate is a substance component that gets demolished in the blood and eliminates the obstruction triggered in the bloodstream by the PDE5 minerals and improves the circulation of blood to the penis when a man is intimately triggered. Thus Sildenafil citrate used in 100mg tablet type has to be absorbed by men only for the erection problems in men

Premature ejaculation in men has no specific reasons to be triggered but this sex-related side-effect is triggered due to emotional purpose such as stress, anxiety as well a fear of lovemaking. But the active substance element used in Malegra DXT is Duloxetine that gets demolished in the blood and prevents the early ejaculation in men and aids them to make love for a many hours until ejaculation.

With the aid of Malegra DXT medicine ED and PE both can be handled and the outcomes can be knowledgeable for almost 5-6 hours.