Caverta is a form of medicine that has Sildenafil Citrate as its key ingredient and this facilitates sufficient blood flow towards the male organ and treats impotency.

Caverta is a medically approved drug that has the same key / active chemical agents as Viagra pills that stimulate sexual arousal in men.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

However, one must never take Caverta if suffering from issues like chest pain, blood pressure, cardio-vascular disorders etc. as these can have adverse effects on the body. Also, one must not consume the same along with items like citrus fruits, vinegars, sour curd etc. as the Citrate, if coming into contact with the acids will have a neutralising effect on the body, leading to non-curing of the problem of E.D. Caverta is a synthetic and medicated dosage and must therefore never be consumed at one’s own will. The dosage levels vary from 25 mg to 100 mg. These are depending upon the level of requirements that is different from one person to another. Thus, only a doctor is able to ascertain the dosage level required in case of a particular person.

Caverta in proper dosage does a lot good to the sexual desire of a person. It increases the rate of blood flow to the genital organs resulting into the desired erection and high level or arousal. It helps to retain the extra blood for a longer period of time, thereby increasing the duration of arousal. This results in greater pleasure through intercourse. It also helps to retain the arousal time for 6-7 hours at a stretch. Caverta is less expensive than Viagra and is more effective.

However, excess intake of Caverta can cause harmful side effects. The Sildenafil Citrate present in Caverta if taken in excess amount can decrease blood flow to your optic nerve, leading to vision loss. However, this has occurred only in a small number of patients who are known cases of heart disorders, diabetes, hypertension, borderline of increased level of cholesterol, or known cases of eye problems, and in smokers or are over 50. Also, it should not be taken along with nitrate medicine that can cause severe heart attack and cardiac arrest, sudden decrease in blood pressure. These can often lead to death. One must consume Caverta at least half an hour before indulging into sexual intercourse in order to give the same the required time to start action. This will lead to the best result in terms of sexual pleasure maximising the same. However, during intercourse, if you feel dizzy or face breathing problems, then seek medical advice.

Thus, Caverta can act as an excellent sexual booster if consumed at a calculated rate. One must be careful about avoiding over-usage that causes harmful side effects, resulting into complete destruction of the pleasure. Therefore, proper consultation has to be done with a doctor to ascertain the level of dosage. Rest is nothing but pleasure-filled moments.