Healthy diet gets with healthy intake of diet which is rich of various products and the best to have in your daily diet is dairy products.

Our daily diet should have daily content of dairy food items like cheese, milk and yoghurt as they are the wealthy source of calcium and vitamins. Also, one can have best source of nutrients from dairy foods which would enhance easy functioning of body processes that would lower the vulnerability of health problems.


Milk, yogurt, pudding of milk, hard cheese, flavored milks, ice cream, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, also soft cheese such as ricotta ,cottage cheese and processed cheese, like the American.

Instead of consuming whole milk or products one should look for low fat or fat free dairy products as it will help you keep low in calorie and avoid intake of fats in your body. Hence, it proves to be the best choice for people on low diet. One can rely on flavored milks like strawberry and chocolate which would help you enhance nutrients to your diet plan just like plain milk. But beware of those extra calories from added sugar.


Calcium is the best and most known vital source from dairy foods but it is also a powerhouse of several essential minerals and vitamins like B and D. It is also a good source of protein which proves very beneficial for those who prefer veggie diet as they are unable to get which is seen in non vegetarian diets like meat. Hence, dairy products are the best source of nutrients for a healthy body.


In US, in was found in a recent research that both adults and children do not consume the required calcium which ought to be consumed everyday by both the segmentation. According to foods and nutrition boards in US, the approximate daily consumption of females and males above the age of 14 and 19 years should consume 1, 400mg while adult above the age of 20 to 60 years should have 1,200mg and adults above the age of 60 should consume 1,300 mg of calcium every day. Calcium can be best incorporated by adding dairy products and intake of milk in your daily diet. One can have around 300mg of calcium from 1.6 oz. of cheddar cheese, while a low fat yoghurt will give you 400 mg in an 7-oz. cup.  Other calcium, dairy is a really good source of vital nutrient known as Vitamin D.  Hence, people who do not spend too much of their time out should consume more of dairy products to have vitamin D.