Pertussis is nothing but an infectious bacterial sickness that causes whooping cough. It creates nuisance while breathing in kids as well as in adults.

Pertussis is also termed as spasms which are widely known by the name whooping cough. In this condition the air you breathe are forced the air to pass through by creating a whooping sound.  They can be sometimes voluntary action or involuntary too. Pertussis is found in both adults and kids if this problem is not treated in the particular time it may affect the other respiratory organs of the body. Majorly, Pertussis  affect the tots those are infantile than 7 months old as they are prevented by the immunization and also the kids of 12 to 18 years old whose immunity has started to become paler.

Common symptoms and indications of Pertussis:-

At the very first stage the whooping cough or the Pertussis shows some common symptoms that are somewhat same to common cold and cough. This includes low grade fever, sneezing, mild cough and also running nose.

The course of Pertussis is alienated into three particular stages, they are as follows.

  • Catarrhal stage is the very first stage of Pertussis that phases continuously for about two to three weeks.  Some upper respiratory sickness indications are resembled during this stage which includes nasal congestion, occasional cough, running nose and sneezing.  In some cases mild fever is also noticed in the patients Pertussis.
  • Paroxysmal stage is another stage of Pertussis or whooping cough.  This phase of Pertussis can is unpredictable as they highly vary from one week to seven weeks that can extend up to 10 weeks. Later on, it becomes intense that bouts coughing during the night that becomes more frequent day by day. The person undergoing Pertussis causes person to face difficulty while inhaling ultimately making them to cough. Particularly, the infants get majorly affected and they may even impede breathing and conceivably turn blue or down during the coughing spasms.
  • Convalescent stage is the third stage of Pertussis.  This particular stage of coughing may end for weeks and months. During this stage the patients notice less paroxysmal and fewer out bursting the cough. They are also known as chronic cough.

How to self-care to prevent the infections of Pertussis?

  • Consume meals frequently in small amounts so that there is decrease in the amount of vomiting.
  • Do not intake any kind of medications unless prescribed by your doctor.
  • So as to reduce the secretion and appease of cough make use of cool-mist vaporizer.