Obesity in childhood is the most dangerous situation that children has to come across that might lead to their future health

Children school lunches have the high amount of fats with less nutritive value. The combination of rich fats and less nutritive value together combines with the high increase of obesity problem in children’s. Giving a healthy lunch boxes, which consist of low fats and with high nutritive value declines the rate of obesity in kids? Rich nutritive food with high proteins, minerals and carbohydrates are very important for their growth as well as for the power and strength.

This article will help your child to decline obesity with some of the easy steps

Step 1

Parents must give high fiber substance in there breakfast. Consumption of the food that is high in fiber can normally boost up the metabolic activity and further help your child to eat more in a good quantity.

Step 2

Parents must restrict their child to give beverages which are rich in calories. Beverages can gratuitously raise the calorie consumption in them. The rise in calories is the common reason to enlarge the risk of obesity in children. Giving healthy beverages such as soy milk, fresh fruit juices, 8 -10 glass of water is more essential, less fat milk can help them to tackle obesity in them.

Step 3

Giving the whole grain has high nutritive value, which is very healthier and less in fat. Bread, rice pastas are higher in whole grain and help your child to eat less although getting more amounts of nutrients. Refine grains are high in fiber and but are low in calories and letting you child more hungry again and again.

Step 5

Providing high amount of vegetarian food in there lunch box is the best option. Vegetarian food are healthy and with balanced amount of calories. Whereas, meat consist of high amount of fats and high calories, which are not at all healthy for your child.

Step 6

Must avoid burgers or meat stuffing foods like hog dogs, which are high in calories as well as high in fats and higher, the risk of obesity in children.

Step 7

Fiber acts as the most beneficial factor in school lunch box, fiber are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Consumption of fiber food will keep your Childs tummy full and with higher energy throughout the day. Beans, vegetables and fruits is necessary foods must available in lunch box.

Step 8

Usage of healthy cooking oil is very important. Replacing butter to olive oil or canola oil is effective to decrease the fats from the food. Butter will unnecessarily increase the fats in your children.