Lovegra is the new generation medicine that has all the identifying features like the labeled medicine and this medicine provides every woman to be the best in bed and give their man thrilling experience in bed.

This common medication is a low price tablet that can be obtained by every woman. Lovegra medicine is intended for females that are being affected by the sex-related side effect known as impotence in women; this medicine is in a common form but is impressed on the sex-related problem in females and makes it the most beneficial therapy of impotence in females. Lovegra medication is the most common tablet of the labeled medicates  The blue tablet which is a medication intended for treating erection problems in men which is just like the side-effect of impotence experienced by females. The most standard dose of this generic medication is 100mg. Each pill comes in a 100mg dose that has to be used by women only and should not be used by men or kids. This generic medicine leaves its impact that sustain up to four hours. This medication for female sexual dysfunction has to be consumed at least an hour before sexual intercourse. Lovegra pills make lover more intense and keeps it intact in the couple every time they fall in lovemaking. The effects of this pill definitely make the couple satisfied of each other.

Lovegra medication also used Sildenafil citrate for the therapy of this sex-related side effect in females known as impotence. Sildenafil citrate is used in a The blue tablet pill as since Lovegra is the common version of the labeled tablet The blue tablet this medication has the same ingredients and the same effectiveness like the labeled medicine  The blue tablet and also the ingredient used in this medication is Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate in this medicine does the same work of increasing the circulation of blood tot eh women reproductive body so that a female being affected by impotence can be turned off and has sex with appropriate oiling in the genitals. Sexual Dysfunction in females is caused due to the lack of appropriate oiling in the woman’s body due to which during lovemaking a female feels extreme pain and the penis cannot go through deep for a many years. With impotence, no females can get the treats of a sufficient lovemaking and take the treats of a sufficient sex session.

Lovegra medication increases the oiling and allows further penetration thus allowing better treats for a female being affected by this side effect of impotence. Lovegra medication is a common medication but a low price tablet that has all the benefits that a labeled medicine  providers and also this medicine  has all the properties of the labeled medicine  The blue tablet therefore Lovegra is also known as as a woman Viagra or the pink tablet. This medication provides enjoyable time for almost 4-5 hours id the tablet is consumed an hour before like aiming and this medication come in dose strength of 100mg tablets.