Similar to the complication of men called erectile dysfunction there is also a complication that affects the women called as sexual dysfunction which is similar to erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is a complication that affects only women. Sexual dysfunction as the name suggests is a sexual complication in women due to which they are unable to take the pleasures of sexual intercourse and perform better in bed.  This sexual dysfunction complication can be effectively treated with the help of medicine called Lovegra that is meant for women  who are seriously affected by this health problem and are wishing to overcome it with the help of medicines that are low at cost.

Lovegra medication is the female version of the brand name medication Viagra, thus this medication has all the qualities of the branded medication  simply the active ingredient as well as the other elements in the medication are similar to that of the branded medication. Lovegra medication has the composition of various chemicals such and the  most effective chemical component used in this medication is Sildenafil Citrate  which is also sued in Viagra that is meant for men  suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Lovegra medicine with Sildenafil Citrate gets dissolved in the blood and the medication shoes fast action when it is consumed. Sildenafil citrate in this medication is well known for the fast action mechanism. Sildenafil Citrate being a PDE5 inhibitor stops the action of the PDE5 enzymes from getting blocked in the arteries and the blood vessels that carry blood to reproductive region when a woman is sexually stimulated. Sildenafil Citrate is used in much other medication and performs better when consumed with proper care; it is highly recommended that Lovegra medication should be consumed only by women experiencing sexual dysfunction.

Lovegra medicine ought to be consumed at least an hour before sexual intercourse and the medication has long lasting effects. The effects of Lovegra medicine can be experienced for almost 4-6 hours after the medicine is consumed. Lovegra medicine is also approved by the FDA and the Who for the safety and the effectualness that the medication provides.  Lovegra medicine is obtainable in the market at an affordable cost as compared to the cost price of the other medicines that are meant for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women.