Lovegra is the generic pill of Viagra that is meant for treating sexual dysfunction faced by women. This medicine is the most trusted and the only demanded generic medicine for treating this problem.

Just like men face the complication of erectile dysfunction in the similar way even women have to come across a sexual complication called sexual dysfunction which is the same type of sexual complication faced by men.  Sexual dysfunction complication is also a very non happening complication as it also destroys the entire love making session of the women suffering from this health complication. Just like erectile dysfunction every women suffering from this health complication called erectile dysfunction cannot get satisfaction from sexual intercourse and also cannot provide the same satisfaction to their man and thus the entire relationship is ruined with this health complication.

Sexual dysfunction is the problem faced by women as it is caused due to the PDE5 enzymes in the female reproductive organ that further leads to this sexual complication faced by women.  Sexual; dysfunction can be treated with the help of medicine such as Lovegra pills that are meant only to treat sexual dysfunction in women. Lovegra medicine is the generic version of the brand name medicine Viagra, Viagra medicine  also has many other generic forms that are meant to treat erectile dysfunction in  men, therefore Viagra is availed in both the forms for treating sexual complication in  males called as erectile dysfunction as well as in females called as  sexual dysfunction.

Lovegra medicine is called as the generic version of the Viagra pill as this medicine has the same qualities as well as the same active chemical, component used to treat  this sexual complication. The chemical component used in Lovegra medicine is Sildenafil citrate that gives effectiveness to the medicine and also treated the problem area and thus provides with lubrication in women suffering from sexual dysfunction. When a woman suffers from sexual dysfunction she experiences itchiness and dryness in the vaginal area that further leads to extreme pain during sexual intercourse.

Lovegra medicine is the low cost version of Viagra and therefore this pill has been recommended to treat sexual dysfunction as it is the generic version of Viagra and therefore it is a widely trusted pill for this type of treatment. Lovegra comes in a 100mg pill form and the effects lasts for four hours when the pill is consumed an hour before copulation.