Salt may be beneficial for your body because of many reasons. You can use salt for your health in many ways

There are many kinds of salt available these days. Iodized salt and sea salt are the popular ones. Salts have many used. It is good for your teeth and gums. Some types of it can also be included in warm water. Salt water bath also is deemed to be soothing for your skin and body. There are many pros of these salts.

Advantages of Iodized Salt

Iodine is an essential component of salt. This is important for your body. Iodine helps you in many ways. It keeps away brain disorders and also prevents mental retardation. It can also be effective to stop cretinism, apathy, stunted growth and impaired movements of body parts. Many infants and pregnant may suffer because of lack of iodine in their diet.

Iodine deficiency can lead to goiter, abnormal weight gain and also hypothyroidism. You should make sure that your diet has enough salt so that all these diseases do not interfere with your healthy living. Salt that has iodine also can avert congenital growth abnormalities, stillbirths and miscarriages. It is very much needed for pregnant woman and the child in the womb.

Always go for salt that has iodine. It can also make you feel relieved of skin problems and gastrointestinal diseases and infections. It can also treat people who suffer from skin diseases like dryness of the same, constipation and even fatigue. This way iodized salt has lot many advantages for you. You can buy it at any grocery store.

Advantages of Sea Salt

Sea salt is especially good for your circulatory system. It helps in regulating your blood pressure and heartbeats. If you include this in your meal, this can also reduce the incidence of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. It can also be beneficial for you, if you suffer from sinus cavities. It is also a natural antihistamine. For people who have asthma little dose of sea salt can bring relief.

It can clear your lungs off phlegm and mucus plugs. It also is commendable in getting rid of acidity fro, brain cells and kidneys. It can also help people who have problems of stomach infection. Sea salt therapy cures many diseases. It is also credible in balancing electrolytes in your body. It also makes your immune system strong. It increases body energy level. It can also be excellent for athletes.

Sea salt also assists brain in processing information. It also maintains information transmission between our nerve cells. It also eases cramps in muscle and body. It improves strength and growth of muscles. Sea salt also regulates the sugar in your blood. Diabetics can take advantage of this. It may also resolve issues related to insomnia.

It is also a natural hypnotic. This makes it soporific. If you have a glass of warm water with little sea salt, it can induce comfortable sleep. You can also find it beneficial for intestinal tracts. It also makes your digestive system absorb food better. Minerals are also present in sea salt. It is nice for your skin. Taking bath with sea salt water can also cure psoriasis. It can also cure symptoms related to osteoarthritis and tendonitis.