Take care of some listed foods that are very harmful for the Pruritis ani and know to tackle with this problem with the help of this article.

Pruritis ani generally named as anal itching. The itching caused due to the moisture stays around the area of the anus. Anus is the area that presents at the end of the digestive system opening that normally divides the rectum from the outer part of person’s body.

Pruritis ani urges the person to scratch badly and thus leads to the embarrassment and itchiness for them. The itching sensation can become stronger after doing the bowel activity in the nighttime. Bad hygienic condition can may not the actual cause of the Pruritis ani, but it can happen due to several reasons and one of the reasons is due to food. Eating a particular food may give rise to such problems some of the foods you must know, and avoid it as early as possible.

Spicy and Acidic

Spicy and acidic food is the main root that gives rise to Pruritis ani. Spicy and acidic food is the irritants of the whole digestive system. Food that are high in acidic are all tomato based products, cranberry juices, and citrus food like lemon or oranges. Spices based food like chili, cinnamon, pepper and other spicy food that trouble your stomach and might give burning sensation in heart and acidity reflux. Even if such foods are out from your digestive system they still continue irritating it very badly. Therefore, avoid eating this food it may not only affect your Pruritis ani but also affect many other health problems more important it badly affects heart.

Refined Carbohydrates

The combination of high fiber and carbohydrates in your diet has optimistic effect on the symptoms of Pruritis ani. Foods like pasta, rice and white flour etc are some of the foods that are low in fibers and can source to constipation. The strain that occurs during the process of constipating a person may experience the itching sensation at the area of the anus and cracks on the area of the skin known as fissures. As it is said, those foods that are high in fiber make it easy to pass the stools and help to control the itching sensation at the anus area linked with sprain, prunes and figs. It can be your choice to avoid such food or no, because it carries both positive as well as negative effects.

Caffeine and Carbonation

Caffeine products like tea, coffee and chocolate are the main source that worsens the itching in the anus. Caffeine products are the major source to worsen the symptoms of Pruritis ani. Carbonated beverages like soft drinks should be restricted strictly. So it is very necessary to eliminate such caffeine products and carbonated products to decide which products actually affects the anus itching. Therefore, you have to stop consuming such products one by one to know the actual reason that worsen the problem.


Drinking of alcohol not only affects the Pruritis ani but also damages many problems related to health. Alcohol, especially beer are rich in carbonated and might worsen the Pruritis ani. Beer contains tannins that increase the other problem related to rectal and anal areas.