Get your butts toned with the best and safest way with ball, lighten up your personality, and grow up confidence

Are you depressed of your butt size? Do you really feel more awkward in wearing most fashionable clothes? Then you need not worry about it. We are here to solve all your problems and give you the best solutions.

A toned butt is what every female dream of to get the perfect fitting clothes. To get the best toned butts you really don’t have to spend lots of money and energy to purchase equipment. Using exercising ball, simple squats and lunges will help you to tone up your butt size. On the other hand, stability ball assist to isolate and focuses on your gluteal muscles. You must always concern your doctor before starting any self exercising.

How to use ball to tone your butts?

Wall Lunges

Exercising wall lunges with the help of ball will surely tone your butts. All you have to do is stand straight taking a little support of the ball. Set the position of the ball taking care that it should situate at the center portion between your lower back and a support of the wall. You have to keep a slight distance between your feet making a V shaped position. This will keep your body balanced on the ball and doesn’t allow your body to lose grip while exercising. Keep your back at the straight position facing toward the front side and then slightly bend your knees and thighs while lowering your hips towards the floor. Keeping your back bone straight and bend your body up to five or ten inches as like a right angle. Holding the same position for at least, three to four seconds by strengthening your legs. Repeating this movement for five to six times will boost up your energy to perform another wall squats with the help of ball

Ball Bridge

To perform a ball bridge all you have to do is by lying on the back on the floor. When you lie on the floor, take care that your body should be at the straight position and stiff. You have to keep your hands stiff and little away from your hips to balance your upper body weight and performing exercise through. Place the ball beneath the lover legs means the portion of your calves. Keep your legs straight and raise your hips leaving the floor. Using the support of your shoulders and arms by using the ball generally creates Ball Bridge. Holding your hamstrings and butt muscles will give a hold to your lower body. Relax for 15- 20 minutes and the repeat the same.


If feel little pain or cramps in your muscles then you must exercising. You might feel a little soreness or the pain at the very first day of exercise. Start working out slowly and steady without pressurizing your muscles.