Not certain one whats the reason behind pushing you to fatigue. Given below are few common energy boosters that might perhaps be at fault and also few guidelines on how you can overcome them.

Being a couch potato makes you lazy

If you got the habit to sit in one single position for longer hours of time then this may pull down all of your energy even if you just watch the TV screen or the monitor of the computer. The body associates the firmness with falling off to sleep. One remedy to this might be waking up and going for a small stroll near the desk or the couch. Try taking smaller breaks in between even if you are at the workplace and have the habit of staying glued to the computer screen. This can help in keeping the body alert and fresh.

Bad posture consumes all of your energy

Much of the energy goes on keeping you straight up. Bad posture like hunching forwards and leaning back on you seat can make the spine go out of alignment.  The more you lean on your seat the more you pick the habit of sitting in the same posture.

One better solution to limit this is to make sure that your head is erect over your body and doesn’t fall out in front. See to it that the ears are directly over the shoulders. There are even few workouts that can be of a real big help to you in improving your siting habits.

Crash diets could be painful

You might think that this boosts your energy but all these statements are false. Low calorie diets that provide you less than 800 calories every day can make you feel more exhausted at the end of the day. This could on the other hand even result on a number of health complications.

An easy way out to this is eating healthily and avoiding all the junk food. Sugary products tend to make you gain more pounds as well. Try healthy ways to lose those extra pounds as crash dieting is a strict no-no.

Being home sick

If you are an homemaker and busy mother and lack of light and fresh air could be the reason behind making you exhausted all the time. Follow a routine by going for a walk for 10 minutes daily either during the day or night whenever you feel comfortable. Step out of the house to receive the natural light from outside.

Sugary breakfast

Processed cereals such as muffins, pastries with sugary spreads give you an immediate boost of energy as the blood sugar takes a toll. This can to a certain extent keep you full but make you run out of energy very quickly.

The only way to avoid this is by indulging in homemade porridge with skimmed milk. If you want you can add a bit of honey too in it as per your taste needs as all these are low in sugar.