Diarrhea is the natural waste from our body it is normally known as food poisoning. Be cautious about the diarrhea that occurs in babies that can be a sign of worry also.

Many of us come across with diarrhea, which cause due to various reasons like food poisoning, allergies or even flu. However, diarrhea that occurs in babies might be a sigh of tension for most of the parents. The immune system of babies and adults differs a lot and becomes weaker in some cases than adults.

A four month infant experiencing from diarrhea can cause due to various reasons that are related to breastfeeding. A breastfeeding baby can exceed seedy or watery stools in a small amount. However, these are not the signs of diarrhea. Diarrhea that occurs in babies is generally known as bowel movements. Babies experience with diarrhea that includes foul smelling, greater in amount and little watery and happen more often in a day.

The cause of infant diarrhea can be due to illness and improper diet. Know some more cause of diarrhea.

Dietary Changes

A negligible change in babies’ diet can cause diarrhea. It is suggested by a doctor that bottle fed babies don’t easily get trapped into diarrhea.

A breast fed babies might results into diarrhea that only on the mother’s diet. If a mother consumes spicy food, dairy products or caffeine beverages can easily disturb that baby’s stomach and thus results in diarrhea. Every mother who breastfed must note down the food that she intake and thus cause diarrhea, gassiness, digestive discomfort and fussiness in babies.

Babies cause intolerance and sensitivity with certain milk proteins which is recognized in lactose intolerance and dairy allergy. These problems can occur in babies within the four months of his or her age but most probably, it occurs after the child birth. Doctor noted some of the points that a small amount of diarrhea in babies occurs only to adjust to the digesting food rather than taking nutrients that provided in the mother’s womb.


Antibiotics are the common side effects of causing diarrhea in babies. Antibiotics not only affect babies but it also affects young adults and toddlers. Mother consuming antibiotic can indirectly transfer to the baby through breast feeding and increases the chances of causing diarrhea. They must determine after completing one or two recommendations.

Intestinal Infections

A number of bacteria, parasites and viruses can reason to diarrhea. The problems occur when a baby put his or her hand in the mouth after touching the objects that is contaminated. This problem is likely to occur when a baby is handed over to the caretaker. As told by the doctors that bacterial infection and viral are likely to occur in childhood and spreads to the infants. Various viruses like E. Coli, Giardia, rotavirus and salmonella. These bacteria are commonly found in raw meat or improperly washed food items.

The symptoms of diarrhea in infants can increase abdominal cramps, vomiting, poor appetite, fever and lethargy. If a baby got affected due to bacterial infection then his or her diarrhea contains blood. Parents must not use self treatment for babies. You must always seek a doctors help and recommendations