Although the skin is remarkably supple and pliable it does get to an area where it can no more stretch devoid showing the signs of tearing out.

Stretch marks more or less takes place when the skin stretches speedily than the usual time which it can grow. The inside layer of the skin which is called as the dermis gets slender as it expands and tear apart. These small tears signify that you can view the blood vessels which give out stretch marks that turnout in purple color from the shade pink.

After sometime, the dermis nurses back to health whereas the stretch marks come back to a color which is close to that of the normal skin around.

Stretch marks not only take place in women but also in men. The only disparity is how men and women put up with the stretch marks. These occur if one gains excessive weight which can on the other hand result in hormonal imbalance. Nevertheless; this can have an effect on the skin’s natural production of collagen. This is extremely ordinary in expecting mothers.  Since both men and women work it becomes more common for men to put up with stretch marks when they work out. This increases muscle mass very quickly.

Wrestlers and bout players complain a lot due to stretch marks if they are the regular supplement takers or are taking any sort of steroid which in turn makes their muscles develop at a rapid rate.

This is also identified as striae; stretch marks don’t bring any kind of harm to the body. A huge number of men appear to be prone in getting them. In a few of the cases, this may perhaps be due to a disorder that triggers their bodies to over construct a hormone which is known as corticosteroid. Additionally to triggering speedy gaining of weight, corticosteroid can even reduces the amount of collagen which is a protein found in the skin fibers that keep it expandable.


Stretch marks are most commonly found in:

Young girls when they have their periods due to fast growth.  These are the most common in weight lifters as well. Few rapid changes which the skin undergoes can also be seen in weight gain. Women in her pregnancy can even put up with stretch marks with almost 70 percent of it.

Stretch marks can even have a big effect on the behavior as well as on the self assurance of men. This is why it is very important to look for treatment options if you feel humiliated.

When you look at a man with stretch marks you will more or less observe them on the shoulder area as this is the place where most of the muscle development takes place. In both of the cases, the hormonal alterations take a toll on the production of the collagen which is required to have room for the extension of the skin.