Laughter therapy is one of the newest found ways in treating mental trauma and dealing with stress.

You can even feel the difference in health by gaining its positive aura and benefits

Generally, you may feel stressed out after work or overstraining of the body and mind. Everyone likes to be happy and feel free of any tension or negative thinking. But then the situations and the stimulants around us may actually not help in meeting this goal. This is when health problems come up and lead to some issues.

There are many therapies, some conventional and other novel, in dealing with the mental and physical health of a person. Social interaction provides a refreshing feel to the patients, if the conditioning and urging are done in a positive way. Laughter therapy is one of them. It may be practiced in a group for better results.

People might think that why laughter therapy is one of the best ways to combat stress and the ill effects of some of the illnesses? But there is a fact behind it. As happiness brings back out energy level and makes us, feel on top the world, laughing is another way to fight back the tension and the physical or mental pressure.

Advantages of laughter therapy

By laughing the blood sugar level stabilizes and also this helps in the blood circulation. In old age, many of the elders feel lonely and need a revitalizing dose of some hope and contentment. This therapy aids in this purpose and also gives a new ray of life to them. It also brings the people of such backgrounds together and aids them to make new friends.

Even youngsters can benefit from the laughter therapy. It is necessary that the person forgets about the negative things for a while when undergoing this treatment. Thinking about good memories and a positive stimulant in the surroundings will surely enhance the health. It also reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The diabetic patients have shown of faster reaction to the medications to the treatment plan. Research has also shown that being happy and laughing actually slows the rate of aging. It makes the body produce hormones and enzymes that counters aging and allows you to fight the effects of the same.

There is no particular age group to sign up for this therapy. In fact, the sooner you start, the better it is. If this activity is performed in the outdoors where there is no pollution, it can also improve the breathing and open up the clogged arteries. It may also aid in reducing weight. Combined physical exercises produce good results.

Some facts about laughter therapy

  • Laughter therapy enhances the living by bringing over peace to a person’s mind. It is beneficial for people suffering from innumerable mental disorders.
  • It even deals with many physical disorders.
  • For patients of asthma and those who suffer from respiratory allergies, it can be quite effective.
  • This also balances the serotonin level that makes us relate to love or pleasurable thoughts.