Though, kola nuts show immense health benefits especially in losing weight. But, it also triggers certain side effects which you can learn from this article.

Kola nuts are seeds of a herb called kola that actually belongs to Malyaceae plant family. It contains caffeine, sugar, starch, antioxidants like phenolics and anthrocyanin, proteins, tannic acid and some fatty matters including fatty oils. There are several benefit associated with kola nuts but its use has also shown some or other sorts of negative impacts. Because of this, FDA has issued warnings against the use of kola nuts.

Potential Benefits of Kola Nut Extract:-

The extracts of kola nuts have been used for many years just because of their effectual health benefits. These benefits are linked to the ingredients present in kola nuts.

Below listed are some of the commonly noted benefits of kola nuts on health.

Improves the process of digestion:

Powders and extracts of kola nuts have been known to kindle the production of gastric acid which consequently helps in the process of digestion.

Manages diarrhea:

Some studies have shown that the extracts of kola nuts can be used for managing nervous diarrhea.

Helps in losing weight:

The caffeine content present in kola nuts aids in managing the appetite. Moreover, it also helps in improving the process of digestion that in turn enhances the metabolism activity which assists in losing weight.  Being an instant source of energy, kola nuts are generally used by body builders and athletes.

Relieves pain:

Studies and some researchers exclaim that kola nuts play a vital role in relieving pain. It is considered very effectual in managing migraine.

Manages and reduces blood pressure:

The extracts of kola nuts help effectively in treating or reducing blood pressure levels.  It also helps in managing the congestive cardiac failure. Further health benefits of kola nuts include treatment of hepatitis, venereal disease and rheumatism.

Negative health effects of Kola Nut:-

Kola nuts however have various benefits on health but their elevated caffeine ingredients is always considered to be harmful and is linked with various negative effects. Given below are some common side effects of kola nuts.

  • Insomnia: The caffeine content in kola nuts causes sleeplessness. This shows that the caffeine tends to impel the nervous system which consequently interferes with the sleeping habits.
  • Gastric Upset or Stomach: As these nuts stimulates the production of gastric acid, over consuming results in problems like reflux, heartburn, vomiting and nausea.
  • Hypertension: Though these nuts help in reducing the blood pressure levels but they have not been helpful for the people suffering from hypertension. Some studies have also shown that kola nuts elevate blood pressure level.
  • Unsteadiness: Consuming kola nuts on regular basis stimulates the nervous system which sequentially results in unsteady and wavering hands. This shakiness is noticed particularly while performing a well motor activity.
  • Allergies: In people who are allergenic to nuts, these nuts may also show allergic reactions which can range from skin rashes and nasal trouble to anaphylactic shocks.