Usually there is a great misconception between stroke and heart attack, where people think that they are nothing but one and the same.

Heart attack is not similar to stroke it is because this happens because they both are related to the formation of clots in the blood vessels and the clogging of the arteries. However, they blot are totally different from each other. The article given below goes through the difference between the stroke and heart.

Stroke is the condition, which affects the brain where as in heart attack people get a severe pain in their left chest.  When a person gets stroke, there’s no kind of pain felt but the parts of body like face and limbs losses the sensation.  Stroke happens when the arteries that supplies blood to the brain breaks or clots and stops the supply of blood and starts bleeding.  It does not affect the entire body, but some parts, which affect the one, which had its supply cut off.

The major symptoms of strokes:

The vision gets diminished and a person becomes to stumble while walking.

Giddiness and loss of sensation is noticed particularly on any one side of the body.

The person with the stroke attacks jumbles when he or she is trying to speak.

Heart attack happens when the flow of the oxygen to the blood stops and blocks the heart muscles. If not treated at the right moment the person may even die. Unlike strokes, the arteries do not break when the mishap of heart attack takes place.  As the heart controls the entire body, no part of the body is left out in the case of heart attack. Thus they affect the entire body, ultimately making the person fatal.  The muscles of the heart gets weaken which may even cause the patient to suffer heart attack in the future.

The major symptoms of heart attack:

Discomfort or severe pain is noticed in the chest, which may also include pressure and squeezing of heart.

The pain is felt in the centre or the left side of the person’s body, especially between the blades of shoulder and left arm.

Anxiety or cold sweat out and shortness of breath is also seen when a person is going through heart attack.

Some of the common symptoms that lead in men are chest pain, heart palpitations, lightheadedness or dizziness, syncope (fainting/loss of consciousness) and many more which will make difference to make aware about heart attacks in common ways. do have proper check up and doctor consultation for your health safety and also avoidance of heart attacks.