Nails are the most important part of a person body that reflects the persons persona  and thus brittle nails makes the person look unattractive, the following article talks about the reasons for brittle nails.

Like it is mentioned above the personality of a person depends on the hygiene that is well checked from the nails if they look unsightly they create a very bad impression of the person on the others may it be in school going kids or a person in an interview, a party, a meeting leaves a bad impression on other if the nails are dirty or not properly cut or if the nails are brittle and improper looking.

Thus the finger nails with brittle nails are very unsightly. The major reason for brittle nails as per the doctors is different and depends on the thickness of the nails. The nails are a nothing but layers of proteins that make up the nails and determine the strength and also the thickness of the nail, whereas brittle nails can be genetic problem as many people have born with thin nails that break very easily  whenever they have a chance to grow longer.

Thick or thin nails do not matter anymore all that mutterers is to keep them healthy by protecting them from with the help of gloves whenever a person is engaged in a household task that may lead to improper breaking or damaging the texture of the nails, there are innumerable reasons that leads to brittle and brisk nails, the following are the few most common causes of brittle nails.

If you find that your nails don’t look in a good health  then one possible reason and the most  common reason for unhealthy nails are external factors that causes damage to the nails. If you find a crushing below the nail or the nail bed then that may make the nails into two splits and thus the nails may wear off easily. If you wear a nail polish then do not peel it off but remove it with a nail polish removes if the nail polish is removed by peeling than it may also peel off the layer of the mail and thus damaging the structure of the nail and also making the nails brittle to break off easily.

The other reason for brittle nails are extreme dryness, nutritional deficiency or any nail disease that can be known after consulting the doctor.