A hormone is a type of chemical that travel all through the body to hormone responsive tissues. Thus due to imbalance in hormone tissue can cause many problems

Hormones are normally deposited through endocrine glands and absolve through the bloodstream. The circulations of the hormones that connect to the protein cells are known hormone receptors. The endocrine system is a group of hormones that produce glands. Estrogen and androgen are very necessary to develop in men and woman’s individuality. These hormones are present in both genders.

Hypogondism is a condition that occurs in men, where the testes don’t succeed to produce the proper amount of testosterone.

Prolactin, estrogen and testosterone are the hormones that normally produce in a man’s body. Apart from all these hormones, testosterone is the main hormone that is responsible to maintain and express men features. Like the production of sperms, body hairs, facial hair and maintaining bone and muscles.

Here are some symptoms that cause due to hormonal imbalance

Low Sexual Drive

Libido acts as sexual agent. Libido is used to complete the sexual craving in men and women. Low sexual drive cause when an individual loses all their desire to be sexually active. High level of prolactin and low level of testosterone is responsible for low sexual drive in men. The online medical library said that men who have higher level of prolactin in their body are more likely to lose interest in performing sexual relation and likely to generate erectile dysfunction in them.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man fails to conserve their erection for a longer time to perform desirable sexual relation. Some researchers explain that in such condition, men cannot attain erection or if he attains then surely it will loss at the time of intercourse. Low level of testosterone, disparity in thyroid hormone level and high level of prolactin lead to the erectile dysfunction.

Breast Enlargement

Estrogens and testosterone is the hormone that both involve in men. Estrogen is the hormone that is dependable for female expression characteristics like breast enlargement. Due to the imbalance in hormones, the reduction in testosterones and increasing in estrogen results in breast enlargement in men. This disorder is normally termed as Gynecomastia.

Breast Milk Production

This condition is normally known as galactorrhea. The condition occurs when a woman who doesn’t feed breast milk starts developing breast milk. The conditions also have an effect on men who suffer from hormonal imbalance. This problem occurs due to the low level of testosterone and high level of prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that produces in the pituitary gland of both male and female.


Men are named as infertile when he doesn’t have a child even after involving in unprotected sexual intercourse or regular intercourse. The problem occurs due to low sperm quality and low level of sperm counts. Infertility in men is another important symptom of imbalance in hormonal level in men. This symptom occurs where many hormones include in sperm production.