Take a very good care of your kid by encountering it with ragweed allergy and some of the easy ways to tackle this problem.

Ragweed is a type of allergy where a kid has a troubled response to the pollen of the ragweed plant and thus lead to the over activation of the immune system. Almost 20 to 30 percent in some countries suffering from asthma and allergy are usually exposed to the ragweed allergy and around 76 percent of the people are meet with the allergy appears from the ragweed pollen. Kids experiencing ragweed allergies often come across with hay fever, this allergy generally start in the spring season where the pollen of the ragweed plant gets released through the wind. Every country has a different stage of ragweed pollen and thus the ragweed allergy differs from person to person.

Ragweed allergic in kids may experience the common systems like runny nose, itchy rashes and sneezing. This allergic reaction also may term as hay fever and often get reduced with antihistamines treatment or by avoiding the ragweed pollens.

What is ragweed?

Ragweed is a type of plant more likely to found in the rural or woody areas. Probably in the spring season the pollen of the ragweed plant sets to release, the releasing process of the pollen usually starts in the early morning and the morning breeze carry these pollens in the mile distance and spreads everywhere. Ragweed pollen can cause a problem in immune system of kid. However immune system in humans generally give protection against infection, thus to the inhaling this pollen through along with air the immune system gets strongly affected. Due to the pollen of the ragweed plant, immune system in kids releases chemical compound histamine in a great amount and thus a kid fall in to allergic systems.

What are the causes of allergic reaction?

The common system of the ragweed is hay fever and is more commonly found in children’s. Most of kid may fall allergic due to the ragweed pollens. The systems of hay fever include sneezing, puffy nose, itchy nose and headache. The exposure of the ragweed pollen may appear rashes on kids’ skin. The appearance of the rashes may stay for 1 or 2 days. The rashes may come out with red in color, itchy graze with ooze liquid; this type of rashes may usually stays for 2 to 3 weeks as per the exposure.

What is the Treatment to be followed?

The best and the safest way to treat ragweed allergies are to avoid getting contact with the ragweed. You can pat the affected area with clean cold cloth to get relief. Applying lotions which consist of steroids will help to decrease swelling and itchiness of the skin. if the allergic reaction gets severe then non-sedating antihistamines are given through mouth.