Vitamins plays very essential roles to get relieve from receding gums and how does receding gums occur in individuals.

Receding comes is not an side effects of getting older according to age but it is a signal of the severe Chronic  disease which is generally named as periodontal disease this disease is also known as gingivitis.-

Receding gums is a periodontal difficulty that usually appears in individual when they turn at the age of forty. Receding gums can start at any time in the life of individuals most probably depends on the genital condition. Gums play a very important role in giving structure and supports to your teeth. If an individual’s gums starts to recede they lose the elasticity of the gums, make them thinner after 40’s, and thus makes each and every tooth gets exposed. It may cause a major problem in an individual’s tooth. Due to Exposed roots, your teeth may cause inflammation and swell.

If there is an exposure of root of the tooth, it may lead to problem and can increase the chances of losing your teeth. Thus, due to the loss of gums protection the root and the teeth may comes in contact with plaque, tartar, and bacteria etc.

One must follow a proper nutritional diet to get relief from this disease.

Vitamin D- Vitamin D is a very essential vitamin helps to get away from receding of the teeth. If there is insufficient amount of vitamin D in your body then you may encounter periodontal disease. Consuming lots of vitamin D can helps to increase your immune system of the body and helps to reduce infection. Vitamin D includes fruit juices like orange juice and mushrooms.

Vitamin C– Vitamin C is very necessary to recover from periodontal disease mainly in conducts in two types. Vitamin C helps to make your gums stronger and helps to increase your immune system that brawl dirt and bacteria in the mouth. One must consume high amount of vitamin c, which includes green leafy vegetables with high proteins, vitamins and calcium, fruits like mangoes, bananas etc. An individual must consume almost 75 milligram of vitamin c every day to keep themselves healthy free from such problems.

Every part of our body needs some amount of vitamins and nutrition to function in the right way same is the case with Gums. You are the one who need to take proper care of it by consuming in healthy diet rather than opting for junk food, which may lead to gum Receding.