If you are among men who are still suffering from inability to get aroused in front of your woman, try Kamagra.

Masculinity is the identity of a real man. It is characterised by pro-activeness of the man in activities that set the stage for mutual reciprocation of the woman in every stage of relationship – sexual life being no exception. This is the ultimate and the most important & delicate phase of a relationship which, if successful will strengthen the relationship and if a failure, can completely ruin the relationship. Thus ensuring of a robust sexual relationship is of utmost importance to keep the overall relationship intact.

One of the greatest threats to the sexual life is the problem of Erectile Dysfunction in men – characterised by non – erection of the genital organ in response to sexual arousal. This happens due to insufficient flow of blood into the penile region, which causes erection. When a man is aroused sexually, brain sends impulse to the heart to pump in more blood into the organ at a faster rate. The blood gets circulated at the penile area through the blood vessels at the corpora cavernosa (2 cylindrical chambers running through the genital organ) and results in hardening of the male reproductive organ. The erect state stays as long as the extra blood is retained inside the chambers. In case of erectile dysfunction, the blood vessels are narrowed which causes insufficient blood flow, thereby resulting into non-erection. Erectile dysfunction can be a matter of great embarrassment for the man in front of the woman.

To get him out of the embarrassing situation, Sildenafil Citrate, an anti-dysfunction drug is now available in the form of pills with the name of Kamagra. An active ingredient mixes with the blood and widens the area of the blood vessels, which causes effective flow of blood needed for the desired level of erection. Other than this, Sildenafil Citrate also causes the penile muscles to relax which can now support the corpora cavernosa to remain steady to hold on the extra blood for longer period, thereby extending the arousal duration. This paves way for prolonged enjoyment in bed.

The Sildenafil Citrate also strengthens the nerves and increases the immunity that adds to the sexual stamina. However, Kamagra itself cannot develop the sexual urge – it can only help in curing of the dysfunction issue. Kamagra is available in pills, jelly, soft tablets, and soluble powder form in standard 100 mg dosage. Overdose will lead to adverse side effects like increase/ fall in blood pressure, massive cardiac arrest, chest pain, liver/kidney problems etc. People having weaker hearts or on the higher side of age are advised not to go for Kamagra, as they will not be able to withstand the effects.

Thus, Kamagra is now available at the doorsteps for people suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is available in various forms, keeping in mind the differences in intake style of people. It should be purchased from authentic outlets to have the genuine product. Proper usage, maintaining the desired level of dosage will make way for heightened level of excitement with minimum side effects.