The medicine of Kamagra allows men with impotence to derive at erections that are stronger, firmer and harder for sexual performance

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Kamagra is the generic replica of well known brand known as Viagra and thus have all similar components and elements that are seen in the branded ones. The medication allows men with ED to easily get away from its complication and have an easy erectile functioning while performing with their partner. The medicine of Kamagra is available in similar dosage strengths like 25 mg, 50 mg and 100mg. the most standard prescribed oral dosage strength is 100 mg but before starting with its consumption it is highly advisable to every men to have a prior consent with the doctor about the pill. This helps the user to get escaped from unwanted side effects and complication that may or may not arouse in the user after taking the pill or medicine. The effect of the medicine lasts for long as four to six hours and it’s a temporary solution for ED in men.