Itchiness of tongue is another issue that may be common in winter. Know why it happens and how to deal with it with proper care

Do you feel your tongue getting stale or dry this winter? Does it itch and make you feel irked? This may be a case of condition that is visible in winter. It may also affect you in winter. You must have by now realized that this situation may arise during extreme weather change. Your body needs to adapt to climatic changes.

It may take time to do so. In the meantime, it will react to external pressures and internal immune system coping up strategies. This is why you may feel your tongue itching. There may be other reasons for this too. As your tongue needs moisture to function well, salivation becomes an important process. Issues with salivary glands can also lead to dryness and itchiness of your tongue.

Reasons for an Itchy Tongue in winter

But when it comes to seasonal inflictions, your tongue may get dry because of some other reasons. It may be possible that your tongue is not getting enough moisture this season. This may often be the cause of this condition. It can also be that you do not care for your tongue well. You may not regularly wash it after consuming food. You may not clean it well.

This can lead to sores and bacterial growth on your tongue. This will make your mouth to smell and feel stale and bitter. You may have an uncomfortable feeling on your tongue. It is better than you brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean in winter. This way you can avoid various maladies of this organ. Cuts and wounds in the mouth can also lead to this.

You can consume fresh juices or water to keep your mouth well moisturized. You should also eat healthy. Wrong food habits can affect your mouth and tongue. Excessive drinking and smoking might also result into this condition. Fatty food items may simply aggravate the matter. Fever and other diseases may also invite itchiness of your tongue.

Some more Seasonal Causes of Itchy Tongue

Sometimes food and skin allergies can also make this situation come to life. Itchiness of the tongue can also occur because of negative reaction produced by body because of allergens. You can also face this because of bacterial infection in mouth and tongue. This can be due to several wrong foods and unclean insides of your mouth.

You may even feel soreness accompanied by itchiness on your tongue. This can hurt a lot. You may not be able to eat or drink properly. Your tongue may face burning sensation and further problems may arise. This may be because of combination of reasons mentioned in the points mentioned above. You have to deal with this situation by knowing the exact cause of this condition.

You should keep your mouth fresh and well moisturized this season to save yourself from all these adversaries.