One of the most terrible habit that human can develop in due course of their lifestyle is smoking. Unfortunately, over millions of people have fallen prey to this nasty habit and even find difficulty in getting rid from it. There have been innumerable stop smoking techniques such as meditation, exercise, special chewing gum, pills or medications, being involved in some entertainment activities, substantial changes in the life-style, and many others to stop smoking cessation. However, just changing the habits will not help a person overcome its smoking habit. The kind of food that a smoker intake and the kind of liquid food that he drink plays a major role in enhancing and worsening of smoking taste. Thus, there are certain foods that will help us develop a bad taste for cigarette and would aid us in giving up smoking.

  • An orange Juice- Smoking cigarette regularly makes you lose vitamin C from your body and hence, the body aids on nicotine to get some unnatural elements in its replacement. Hence, one should start receiving vitamin c from a natural source to get rid from smoking at faster pace. Fruits like oranges, lemons, pomegranates and other powerful natural sources of Vitamin C. It proves to be a good source of food ¬†for everyone, who is trying to get rid of nicotine dependence from cigarettes.
  • Broccoli– This green vegetable is very therapeutic in nature. It is actually very useful to every person as it lower the risks of having lung diseases, including lung cancer. Broccoli contains sulforaphane that boosts the activity of NRF2 gene, which protects lungs from any toxin-related damage from nicotine. However, unfortunately, in recent studies it was found that this therapeutic property of broccoli does not work for smokers, as nicotine kills the functioning of sulforaphane in them.
  • Milk and dairy products– After drinking a glass of milk, smokers were unable to obtain the same expected taste and satisfaction from cigarettes. It is been found that the taste of cigarettes gets biter and unpleasant with intake of milk. Smoker are given cigarettes dip in milk, dried out and then made to smoke. Hence, this brings nasty smell, taste in cigarettes and helps smokers in lowering the cravings of cigarettes, and thus assist them in getting rid from nicotine addiction.
  • Red wine– Smoker and non-smokers can lower the risk of lung cancer, with a glass of red wine every day. According to certain researchers from South California, it was found that people who drink a glass of red wine every day have 60% lower chances to have lung cancer. Red wine contains resveratrol and flavonoids, which helps in unbolting of blood cells in essential parts like heart and blood vessels. However, do not over do with red wine consumption, as you might need help for alcohol addiction too!
  • Celery– Vegetables like celery, zucchinis, eggplants, cucumbers, and even beans, affects the taste of cigarette. Experts have even claimed that easting such vegetables, lowers the dependence of nicotine in the body. Hence, eating celery sticks help you stop your carving for cigarettes.