A reduced or low immune system augments the risks of diseases and infections. Here, you will find out some ways to boost your immune system.

Simple lifestyle and dietary changes will help you boost immunity in a natural way. Immune system helps to protect your body against infections and diseases by recognizing and combating the tumor cells and pathogens. In fact, it is quite interesting to know about the amazing protection functioning of our body.

Our immune system keeps the body disease free and healthy. Phagocytes, lymphocytes, lymph fluid, lymph nodes and lymphatic system as well as other WBCs are vital aspects of immune system. All these work collectively to protect your body from infections and disorders.

Inferior Immune System:

Causes: Since our body’s immune system includes apt functioning of the entire body with the entire immune system and any dysfunction in this system may lower a person’s immunity. Excess intake of sugar affects the ability of immune system in destroying germs.

Diseases such as allergies, AIDS and diabetes may suppress the immunity system. Excess intake of essential Vitamin C ensures increased immunity but excess sugar on the other hand can devastate Vitamin C affecting the functioning of the entire body system. Both 外汇交易平台 white blood and red blood cells are produced in bone marrow. Lethal disorders such as leukemia, cancer of bone marrow and other cancers may seriously hamper the production of white and red blood cells. Any kind of damage to these parts may cause reduced immune system.

Immune system problems caused because of congenital defects of system cells or because of some external environment agent may affect the functioning of your immune system. In fact, autoimmune disorders such as lupus and multiple sclerosis signify an inferior immune system further affecting the entire system.

Excessive smoking, alcohol consumption or drug abuse may lead to nutritional deficiencies further causing an inferior immune system. In addition, improper diet and eating habits or lack of exercise may also cause the immune system to dysfunction.

Lack of essential minerals and vitamins, insufficient sleep and rest, distressing lifestyle and some therapies such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy as well as intake of certain medicines, antibiotics or steroids may also lead to an impaired immune system.

Last but not the least, synthetic elements used in medications and food, environmental toxins, blood transfusion and surgeries may also cause a improper immune system.


Signs of a Deteriorating Immune System:

  • Falling sick on a regular basis
  • Often contracting flu and virus
  • Continuous bouts of sickness
  • Delayed recovery from any disease
  • Increased fatigue and excess tiredness despite of taking adequate rest
  • Persistent dizziness and headache
  • Runny nose and watery eyes often contracting common cold
  • Constant joint and muscle pain

Ways to Boost Immune System:

Vaccinations assist your body in the production of required antibodies as well as offer the needed protection from diseases and infections.  Further, a balanced diet as well as increasing the intake of Vitamin will help to enhance the functioning of your immune system.

Eat natural and fresh foods as much as possible. You may have grape seeds extract, aloe vera, goldenseal, ginseng, basil, sage, garlic, vegetables and fruits.

Further, with regular exercising, balanced diet and proper rest, you can boost your immune system effectively. Get rid of those deadly sticks, i.e. smoking, and excess consumption of alcohol and drugs.