On Monday, an official of Indonesia said to the reports that he is investigating the case of an Australian who is believed to have been infected with HIV while getting a tattoo on the resort island of Bali.  Nyoman Sutedja, the chief of Bali health department told AFP that they have received the report of this case from the health ministry on Sunday 25th December.

He further added that they can’t say for sure if the patient caught the virus from getting a tattoo or sexual contact and currently at this point they are still investigating. According to Sutedja they said that there are currently 4,200 HIV/AIDS cases on Bali.

According to the health authorities of Australian on Friday, the patient diagnosed with HIV probably contracted the virus while being tattooed on the island and they did not reveal any details of the individual concerned with the case.

Bali is famous tourists spot were more than a million tourists visit every year to enjoy its white, surf beaches, nightlife and Hindu culture. But in the past few years, Indonesian officials said that the number of known HIV/AIDS cases on Bali was soaring last year when one in four prostitutes reported to be HIV-positive. Almost 19 percent from the year before, the number of infections is jumping.