Get to know the symptoms of allergies in babies caused due to the fruit like strawberries moreover some tricks to tackle or overcome it.

Strawberry is one of the most tempting and the attractive fruit among all the other fruits. Strawberry is one fruit, which is acceptable among all age groups. Strawberry looks attractive and also tasty yet nutritional one but you don’t know the harmful side effects of it that affects to your baby. Side effect of strawberry is its allergy cause. Strawberry causes the allergic reaction. This allergic reaction has found higher risk in babies due to the small age or the immature immune system.

Allergy vs. Intolerance

An allergic reaction due to strawberries is related to the allergies caused due to the particular food. The allergy reaction to the strawberries commence with the immune system in the body. Your body gradually starts attacking with histamines, whenever you smell or touch the particular food on which you are allergic. The intolerance of the strawberries generate same physical symptoms but with different kind of source and way. The allergic strawberries engage with the immune system whereas strawberry intolerance engages with the digestive system.

Signs of the strawberry allergy

The indications of strawberry allergies, which arise in the children and adults, are almost same. If you have an extra active immune system then you have to take care of your body. Because whenever you eat strawberry you will release large amount of histamine that your body can handle but whenever you touch the strawberry especially those human who are sensitive to allergies and those babies who are not been developed at all their immune system properly will get some hives on their skin, swelling on their toung and throat. In addition, those who do get some hazardous and serious problems suffer through less breath, low blood pressure. These people should avoid eating strawberries.

Avoid giving strawberries to your children in early age

Strawberries are been declared as one of the food allergy, which may cause allergies on sensitive child and hence they are considered as highly allergic on them. Therefore, keep your children away from this until they improve their immune system properly. Many well-known doctors recommend that do give strawberry to your kid until he or she crosses the age of 12. Many diseases are hereditary that is been passed from parents to child hence, keep your child way from strawberry until he/she develops his immune system completely.

Be alert to cure these diseases

Many a times you receive the allergic response from certain food but you do not pay much attention to it hence, they might grow more and create bad effects on your health. Hence, do consult your doctor as soon as you see any indication due to eating fruits or any other veggies too.