Every woman dreams of getting pregnant one day and have her own child. But then there are certain preparations you have to do for a healthy delivery

Now that you are married, you want to have a baby. Like many other mothers, even you want a child whom you can call your own. You will obviously not want that your kid has some disorder or deficiency and any other condition or complication when born. How do you see to it that these are avoided? Well, the initial steps start from your end.

Prenatal Checkup

If you are planning to have a baby then you need to get a checkup of your body done. Uterus and the urinal tract scan are necessary. If there is any deficiency of nutrients that can endanger the child, it has to be corrected. If you are on a medication or have a previous medical history, then let your doctor know about it. Certain medicines may cause complications during pregnancy for both the mother and the child.

Weight Management

Managing your weight is very important. Gaining excess weight or losing too much is not good for the woman planning for pregnancy. More weight can lead to polycystic disorder or a misbalance in the hormones. This may result in infertility and other problems that may interfere with your planning. Maintain and optimum body mass index that will keep you and your baby healthy.

Eat healthy

While in teenage or in early years, you could digest almost everything. Even if you threw up once a while, it was not a big deal. In fact, you could bunk school! Junks and fried food can be tasty and allure you a lot. But you have to reduce it if not eliminate the consumption of the same before few months of pregnancy. Remember that a balanced diet is best for anyone. You should not have any deficiency of nutrients. Otherwise, it may harm the child’s growth in the womb. So include fruits, vegetables and some meat in your diet.


Keep exercising regularly. This will make you more active and also detoxify your body. Exercise also helps in the enhancement of the blood circulation. Your metabolism rate will also increase and the stress of the mind and body will also reduce. Moreover, it does away with laziness and makes you feel fresh and energetic. All this is important before you jump into the decision of getting pregnant.

Stress free and much needed rest

You have to get ample of rest so that you complete the sleep. You should not feel tired or overwork or strain yourself. Otherwise, infections and susceptibility to diseases will increase. Similarly, you need to be careful about the mental health as well. More the stress more will be the chances of abnormal pregnancy. The stress hormone in the brain can be dangerous for both of you. This also means that you cannot smoke or take alcohol before at least four months of pregnancy.